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Symptoms Of Cell Phone Battery Aging Can Be Easily Detected By Yourself

2021-08-04 16:24:52 DEJI Battery 0

  Generally speaking, 20% of mobile phone batteries have been aging after 2 years of use, which is a normal level. Then, if the battery is found to be aging, can we detect it by ourselves? How should we deal with it?

  Aging phenomenon: If the phone can be disassembled, some batteries may be swollen. If the phone cannot be disassembled, the battery power will not be used and the charge will be full quickly. Cell phone battery aging is inevitable, but current technology can produce battery devices with longer life and better performance, but the cost has become a big problem. At present, consumer electronics products are developing towards being lighter, thinner, smaller, and cheaper. If you want mobile phone batteries to be lighter and have sufficient standby time for daily use, then there is no way to sacrifice battery life.

Symptoms Of Cell Phone Battery Aging Can Be Easily Detected By Yourself

What should I do if the battery is aging?


The batteries we usually come into contact with are inevitably in the aging process. We can't stop them from aging, but we can only delay the aging speed of the battery as much as possible. Here are some tips for battery maintenance.

First of all, our current mobile phone batteries are all lithium-ion batteries. Without the memory effect, there is no need to charge the phone every time when the battery is exhausted. Try to charge it when the phone has 20 to 30% of the battery power. Power, because cell phone batteries count the number of cycles, which can greatly reduce battery loss.

Will charging the phone at night be harmful to the phone?

  In fact, there is no need to worry. Our mobile phone charging circuit has long added a protection mechanism. When the mobile phone battery is fully charged, it will no longer be charged to the battery. Usually, the power supply is used to directly supply power to the mobile phone. There is no direct impact on lifespan.


  Another fatal injury to the cell phone battery is temperature. The heat generated during the use of the cell phone is an important reason that affects the battery life of the cell phone. Sometimes when we play games, we plug in the power source, so that the phone heats up a lot. In addition, direct sunlight, insufficient heat dissipation with a protective cover, etc. will cause abnormal heating of the mobile phone, which will have a significant impact on the battery life.