7 Tips For Daily Use To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

2021-03-08 18:17:30 DEJI Battery 0

   Drained battery, slow charging, and system-intensive applications are just some of the problems with poor battery performance in Android phones. We take you through the seven most serious battery problems that may exist and provide solutions to help solve them.

   1. First is the power-consuming application

   We need to understand the battery problem, and then find a solution. To better understand what makes your battery work, go to Settings>Battery. If you find that the apps on the screen consume a lot of power, you can save battery life by removing them. If you want to know more about the battery usage of your smartphone, you can find some apps in the Play Store, which provide battery consumption statistics and detailed information. We recommend GSam battery monitor.

   2. Replace the old battery (if possible)

   If your smartphone has been used for several years, the battery may be drained naturally. If you don't have many background processes running, and adjust the screen brightness to a very low level. If you have a smartphone with a removable battery, buy a new one. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, such removable batteries are quickly losing the favor of manufacturers. Although technically speaking, if you are willing to take the phone apart, you can still replace the battery yourself, which will invalidate your smartphone's warranty.

   3. Your charger is broken

   If you find that the battery of your smartphone runs out very quickly after charging it overnight, then check if it is really fully charged and see if the charger is broken. Check that it is connected to another phone. If the charger proves to be problematic, remember to only buy the charger from a reputable manufacturer.

  4. Google Play service drains the battery

   Google Play Services consumes battery, it is another service that consumes a lot of battery. However, it cannot be stopped because it is a key feature of Android that allows your applications to communicate with each other on your phone. But it can be controlled. Go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Services. Here, click the Clear Cache button. This refreshes the Google Play service and stops it from draining your battery. Repeat this process once a month.

   5. Turn off automatic brightness

   Although Auto Brightness is usually complex enough to produce a comfortable viewing setting, it cannot choose the best setting. As long as you adjust the brightness to a relatively low value, then you set the brightness level will definitely provide better battery life. However, the Android platform can easily adjust the brightness settings, and can be easily adjusted by sliding down the shortcut settings menu.

   6. Shorten the screen timeout time

   The "screen timeout" or "sleep" setting determines how long the display will remain after being occupied. If your screen is still on when you are not looking at it, this will shorten the precious battery life. It is best to set it to the lowest value you feel comfortable in daily use, and only change it when needed.

  7. Be careful of small apps running in the background

  Small apps consume power and are updated in the background while you work. For example: news alerts and weather applications, you can try to set the refresh interval to once every 12 hours.


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