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Drive Your Business With High-Quality Products

DEJI provides three bulk purchase solutions for mobile phone batteries for your choice. No matter which you choose, they have the same battery quality.

1. Wholesale DEJI brand mobile phone batteries

Mobile phone batteries with DEJI logo, same or better than original quality, MOQ 10pcs per model. With the influence of DEJI brand, make your business grow.

2.OEM (customize your own brand of cell phone battery)

Using your own brand logo, our high-quality products will make your brand reputation better and better, so as to bring your business to a higher level. Same quality as DEJI battery, but MOQ 200pcs per model.

3. iPhone battery without logo

Looks similar to the original battery except no logo, MOQ 10pcs for each model.

If you are interested in this business but not sure what to do, we can help! Regarding your domestic market, we will provide you with the best suggestions to explore the market and build a win-win situation.

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Why choose DEJI?

Reliable and Professional: We are a professional battery factory. We have been in business for 20 years and have 16 years of mobile phone battery manufacturing experience.

Large-scale manufacturing: Our modern factory workshop can produce efficiently, with a daily output of 30,000 pieces and a monthly output of 900,000 pieces.

Compliant with international standards: We have ISO9001 quality certificate, and all mobile phone batteries have obtained UL, TUV US, KC, CE, FCC, Rohs, MSDS, UN38.3 and other certificates.

High quality and reliable product:
1. The best raw materials: Our iPhone batteries use 100% pure cobalt AAA brand-new high-quality cells, and use the protection board IC solution developed by DEJI.
  2. The lowest defective rate in the market: We have excellent professional and experienced engineers and strict quality assurance and quality control system. The repair rate is as low as 3/10,000.

Fast delivery: DEJI brand batteries and batteries without logo, the delivery date is 3-5 working days. For OEM batteries, the production time for the first order is about 7-10 days, because the first time you need to design your brand's printing content and packaging, you need to open a printing template. When waiting for the second order will take about 7 working days.

One Year Warranty: One year warranty promise, we will replace the faulty battery for free.

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