DEJI Iphone MFI Lightning Cable Introduction

2021-03-25 11:06:22 DEJI Battery 0

Original cable:
After using the original cable for two years, it turned yellow and looks dirty, the head was cracked, and the interface was loose, sometimes the contact was poor and the charging was intermittent, which is also kind of damage to the phone.

Here I would like to recommend our DEJI MFI Lightning cable. I bought an our DEJI Lightning cable for testing in March 2020. it is still in normal use until now. The charging speed is very fast and the quality is the same as the original one. Compared with the original cable, the best thing is that the material of our German baseline is nylon. This material is very strong and the interface is not easy to break. It takes longer than the original material. I think I can use our DEJI Lightning cable more than 3-5 years. Here I would like to summarize our DEJI Lightning cable advantages:

DEJI MFI Lightning cable
1,Our cable models for DJ-MIX08 and DJ-MIX09 with MFI certificate, It was checked on Apple’s official website with model name, The result of the query is attached in the document.
2,It can transfer date and connected the computer, iPhone can upload or download pictures or documents.
3,iPhone will not have error message window when charging
4,Over 2.4A fast charging
5,Outside nylon cable, it very strong,it won’t break easily
6,1 Meter long, it’s enough length to use
7,C98  latest connector(silver one, not gold, gold is C48, old connector before 2019)
8,Suitable for all Apple products, iPhone,iPad,iPod and so on.

DEJI Iphone MFI Lightning

DEJI Iphone MFI Lightning

I hope all Apple mobile phone users can use a good lightning cable. If you're browsing this article, then just try the DEJI MFI lightning cable. I am sure you'll love it :-)