DEJI Magnetic Wireless Charger Detailed Introduction

2021-04-22 11:37:52 DEJI Battery 0

As more and more big-brand mobile phones have added the function of magnetic charging, the wireless charging is more and more popular too. DEJI factory also have magnetic wireless charging.

Magnetic Wireless Charger

   Most of the wireless charging uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. In electromagnetic induction wireless charging, when the current of the power source passes through the coil (the power transmitting coil of the wireless charger), a magnetic field will be generated, and other unpowered coils (the receiving coil of the mobile phone) will generate current when close to the magnetic field. The wireless charging can be so fast It is adopted by major mobile phone brand manufacturers and naturally has its differences from traditional charging:

1.No energized contact design will make consumers safer during use

2. During use, because the power transmission components have no leakage, they will not be corroded, and the absence of contacts will also reduce the loss of mechanical wear and flashover when the traditional charging line is separated from the host, thereby increasing the service life of the product ;

3. Because there is no need to plug and unplug the traditional charging cable at any time, just put the mobile phone on the wireless charging, which reduces the trouble of multiple wires entangled with each other, and it is convenient and quick to use;

4.Different from ordinary wireless charging, DEJI magnetic wireless charging can be attached to the phone when charging. You can use your phone while charging.

Magnetic Wireless Charger
5.DEJI magnetic wireless charging has 20W power, very large current so that your phone can be charged very quickly.  It’s USB-C connector.

DEJI product never let you down, welcome to order it for testiing.