DEJI Sales Team Participated In The 2021 Cross Border E-commerce Summit & Sourcing Fair

2021-05-13 15:23:05 DEJI Battery 0

From May 6th to 8th, our DEJI sales team participated in the 2021 Cross Border E-commerce Summit & Sourcing Fair in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Thanks so much for visiting our B08 booth of hall eight. 

Cross Border E-commerce Summit


DEJI Battery Booth

We have entertained a series of various buyers and collected some of the most frequent questions, below the answers and tips are help you to learn better about what is DEJI product, and what is DEJI quality.

Q1: [What cell and IC solution are used for the battery?]
Our factory uses 100% pure cobalt AAA brand new batteries. The battery brands include ATl, VK, TM, JX and other well-known brands of batteries.
We use the original TI IC solution

Q2: [How long is the shelf life of the battery? What is the defect rate? What is the after-sale service?]
The battery has a shelf life of 1 year, but in fact many consumers have used it for more than 2 years.
The defective battery rate reported by our customers is one in ten thousand.
If it is our battery quality problem, within the one-year warranty period, we will replace the new battery for you.


Q3: [Why can you make high-capacity phone batteries? Are high-capacity batteries safe?]
Because there was no such good material before, with the advancement of science and technology, the material system continues to improve, so the capacity will become higher and higher.
It is the same as an electric car battery. In the past, it could only travel about 100 kilometers with a single charge. Now it can travel 300-400 kilometers with a single charge. It is also because the material system continues to improve, so the capacity is getting higher and higher.
The safety factor of the high-capacity battery is the same as that of the original battery, and the batteries are made of 100% pure cobalt material plus PCB protection scheme.


Q4: [Does your battery show maintenance?]
XS XR XS Max will show maintenance when the system is updated, and currently the entire market will show maintenance. Although it shows maintenance, we can guarantee that the battery can be used normally. If the quality of the battery is not good, the battery may not be used when the system is upgraded. Our engineering reasoning team has been developing, and I believe this problem will be solved soon.


Q5: [What certifications does the battery have? ]
Our DEJI batteries have passed CE,FCC, ROHS and other certifications of SGS,MSDS,UN38.3,and also passed TUV US certification of UL2054 test standard.Our factory has passed ISO9001 quality management system.We have also obtained Japanese PSE certification,South Korean KC certification,and Saudi Arabia's CB + IECEE certification; Thailand TIS etc.


Q6: [Do the batteries support fast charging?]
iPhone 8 8P X XS XR XSMAX 11 all these phones have fast charge function, our battery will has fast charge function as well. If they not have the fast charging function, then our battery will not have a fast-charging function.



Extra: If you are interested in this business but not sure about what to do, we can help you out! According to your domestic market, we will give you the best suggestion to explore the market to construct a win-win situation. Besides that, we also provide OEM service, which means we can customize the product base on your requirement!