How Long Does It Take To Charge The Battery For The First Time In A New Mobile Phone

2021-03-18 10:47:35 DEJI Battery 0

    You just got your new phone, are you in a good mood? I feel distressed when I touch it like this, and press the button several times? For fear of breaking it, let's summarize some knowledge about charging the new phone battery for the first time.

new phone battery first charge

  When the battery is endangered for the first time, you have more concerns... When will it start charging? What posture? Put it in my warm arms or on the cold table? First plug in the phone or the electric plug... It's so nervous. !

  In fact, when you get a new mobile phone for the first time, you can use it directly. It’s as simple as charging when you don’t use it. You can charge it whenever you want! The new mobile phone battery is very smart. In theory, you can charge it any way you want. Automatically power off afterwards!

   Because now is not the age of Ni-MH batteries! The battery no longer has memory! The charger will no longer output current if you charge to 100%! Then after 100%, if you charge for 100 hours, it will only be 99%-100. It's just a loop between %!

average cell phone battery life per charge

 But if you want to benefit the battery, please pay attention!

   1. Try to use the new mobile phone's power to less than 20% before recharging, so as to reduce the number of recharges and improve battery life.

   2. The first time the new phone is charged, the prompt is full, and it is best to continue charging for 15 minutes, the battery will be more resistant to use!

3. You must use the Original charger for charging. Do not use the chargers of other products to avoid damage to the equipment. Non-original chargers have serious hidden dangers in product safety, materials and heat, which may extend the first charging time of a new mobile phone. , On the other hand, it caused an explosion and even burned the new mobile phone.

   4. Make sure to do a complete discharge once a month (completely use up the electricity until it automatically shuts down), so that it is the best for the maintenance of the battery of the new mobile phone.