How To Avoid Explosion-Proof Mobile Phone Battery Detailed Tutorial

2021-07-23 18:14:13 DEJI Battery 0

1. Try to use the original battery
Using the original battery is the most important thing to ensure your own safety. Nokia once claimed that in the past few years, there have been more than 20 mobile phone battery explosions around the world, and none of these explosions were caused by original iphone batteries. It can be seen that the safety of batteries provided by third parties is very low, so try not to use third-party batteries. If you have to use it, you should choose a third-party battery with a good brand reputation as much as possible.

How To Avoid Explosion-Proof Mobile Phone Battery Detailed Tutorial

2. Do not use broken batteries
A damaged battery is very easy to explode. Even if it does not explode, it will damage the phone and cause a short circuit in the internal components of the phone, so do not use a damaged battery.


3. Use the original phone charger as much as possible
The original charger can ensure battery safety. Although compatible chargers can also be used, some of them may damage the battery and cause an explosion due to electrical failure.

4. Don't modify your phone at will
Improper modification of the mobile phone can easily cause the mobile phone to explode. The mobile phone is a kind of sophisticated communication equipment. When designing, the manufacturer will carry out strict verification of its safety, and the electrical performance is also the best. However, after modification, all of this will change, which can easily cause the phone to explode.

5. Do not put the battery in a high temperature environment
High temperature will cause the heat of the battery to increase, and it is very easy to explode at this time. Therefore, when charging the battery or placing the phone, you must choose a place away from high temperatures and avoid direct sunlight in summer.

6. Don't use mobile phone for a long time to talk
Long-term calls will not only cause the phone battery to heat up, but also cause the internal circuits and earpiece of the phone to heat up. If you happen to be using a fake battery at this time, it will easily cause an explosion.

7. Try not to call while charging
When charging, the mobile phone battery will generate heat. If we continue to use it to make calls, the heat will increase rapidly, which can easily lead to danger.

8. The earphone can not only reduce the radiation when answering the phone, but also avoid the facial injury caused by the explosion of the mobile phone. The reason why Bluetooth headsets are recommended is that they have wireless characteristics, which will be more secure.

9. Try to put your phone in your bag
Putting the mobile phone in the bag can not only reduce the chance of loss, but also prevent the direct harm to the human body caused by the explosion. It’s best not to put your mobile phone in your jeans pocket, as it won’t be easy to take it out in case of danger.

10. Don't hang the phone on your chest
Hanging your phone on your chest is definitely not a wise move. If the phone suddenly explodes, it will directly injure the chest and face. In addition, this also virtually increases the chance of cell phone loss.
There are usually several ways to charge mobile phones, such as direct charging, travel charging and cradle charging. Among them, direct charging (line charging) is a safe and reliable charging method, which has no adverse effect on the battery life; the cradle charging is used to charge another battery during the use time of the mobile phone, and it needs to be connected to the original charger (Line charging) is the safest and most reliable way; travel chargers and universal chargers use low-cost circuits and components to realize the line charging function, and at the same time realize the cradle charging function, it is very difficult to protect against overvoltage and overcharge. Yes, so this charging method is not recommended.