How To Change Battery Icon Color On Iphone

2022-05-31 18:07:29 DEJI Battery 0

How to change the battery icon color on iPhone?

First, you need to know what color you can convert the battery icon to. Depending on how your iPhone's display looks, you'll see a white or black battery icon. Red is when your iPhone's battery is dangerously low, green is when your iPhone is charging, and yellow is when you've enabled Low Power Mode. You can also get blue and purple battery icons with a few tweaks to your iPhone settings.


How do I get a white or black iPhone battery icon?

It would be cool to have a battery icon color changer feature on your iPhone. Sadly, we don't have such a function, so we'll use the existing one. The color of the iPhone battery icon will be white or black. Unless the battery on the iPhone is very low, the color will remain the same.

As we said before, white or black depends on how the iPhone display looks. This means that when your monitor is in light mode, the battery color will be black, and if it is in dark mode, the battery color will be white. So by changing your iPhone's display, you can switch between black or white battery icon colors.

Launch the Settings app

Scroll down and tap "Display and Brightness"

After that, choose whether you want "Light" or "Dark" mode.


How to Change the Battery Icon Colors on iPhone to Red and Green

When does my iPhone have a red battery icon?

When your iPhone is low on power, your battery icon will turn red. Having a red battery light is not a good sign and we should actively try to avoid reaching this state. The only way to get the red battery color is to use up more than 90% of the charge. However, you'll get a low battery warning on your iPhone and you won't be able to do anything.

What does the green iPhone battery icon mean?

Another color for the iPhone battery icon is green. You'll see this color when you're charging your iPhone. In fact, during charging, not only will a green icon appear on your battery icon, but a lightning bolt will appear. You can think of the green battery color as your iPhone charging icon.

Why is my iPhone battery icon white instead of green when charging?

If you connect the charger to your iPhone and the color is still white instead of green, there is a problem with your charger. Therefore, you should immediately check your iPhone charger for any faults or try another charger.

Why is my iPhone battery light yellow?

Yellow is the color you get when you enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone. This is usually done to extend your iPhone's battery by running everything in power saving mode. So now you know what the yellow battery color on your iPhone means