How To Improve IPhone 12 Battery Health Efficiency

2022-02-25 16:28:17 DEJI Battery 0

Recently on a forum, I saw some netizens say that after using their iPhone 12 for half a year, the battery efficiency is still 100%. Many netizens expressed disbelief in this regard. In fact, this is entirely possible.

The efficiency of the iPhone 12 battery that has been used for half a year is still 100%. First of all, this has a lot to do with daily usage habits. How to improve the battery efficiency of iPhone 12? Let's first take a look at how the iPhone should be charged, so that the battery efficiency will be reduced.

Don't wait until the iPhone is out of power to charge it, try not to drop below 20%. When the charging reaches 80%, it indicates that the phone has enough power, and it can be unplugged. Because it is not fully charged, it will not be counted as a complete charge.

How To Improve IPhone 12 Battery Efficiency

The fast charge is the same as the 5W charger. If there is no fast charge battery, it will decay quickly. Fast charging is fast before 80%, and the charging speed is very slow after 80% (turn on optimized battery charging).

Charge your phone whenever you need it, don't mind the number of times the battery is charged.

Don't let the phone heat up for a long time, try to keep the phone at a suitable temperature.

Don't play with the phone when it's just charging, it puts a lot of pressure on the battery, especially when the battery is low, use fast charging.

For overnight charging at night, a 5W charger is recommended.

As long as the above six points are achieved, it may become a reality that the battery efficiency of the iPhone 12 reaches 100% in half a year