Steps On How To Set Battery Percentage In Samsung Phones

2021-03-30 18:18:55 DEJI Battery 0

   Do you know how to set the battery percentage in Samsung mobile phones? The following is the DEJI battery manufacturer to teach you how to set it.
   1. First, click the setting icon on the main interface;

  2. After entering the setting interface, find the display menu bar and click;

  3. After entering the display interface, click the status bar menu bar;

  4. We see that the battery percentage and network speed display are both turned off;

   5. We click the switch button corresponding to the network speed, and then the status bar shows the details of the network speed; as shown below

  6. Then click to display the battery percentage, and then the percentage number will be displayed next to the battery icon in the status bar.

   The above is an introduction to the operating steps of setting the battery percentage in Samsung mobile phones explained by the DEJI battery manufacturer for you. Have you all learned it?