【New Product Launch】IPhone OLED Screen With Low Power Consumption

2021-04-09 17:17:57 DEJI Battery 0

  As we all know, the iPhone LCD screen is in great demand on the market. In order to expand our product line and to bring customers the more comprehensive services. At the end of 2020, our DEJI R&D team has already under development for iPhone OLED screens; and at the beginning of 2021, we succeed to create 3 models of iPhone OLED screens. They are iPhone X screen(soft); iPhone XS screen(soft); and iPhone XS MAX screen(hard); This is our most recently developed product. The remaining models will be available soon...

Professional new automatic machine produce OLED screen, the screen production process is standard so the OLED screen quality is stable, we guarantee both our quality and on-time delivery of shipments, and our prices stay very competitive in the market.

Our advantages:
1.Best quality: 
A. We have good professional and experienced engineers and strict QA and QC systems. We use BOE(China's most high-end brand) IC to ensure what we produce is the best. What we proceed with is the original IC solution.


B. The pre-production is carried out in the dust-free workshop, defect rate is very low.
C. The soft screen is thinner than the common screen, self-luminous with low power consumption
D. High-resolution
E. Wider viewing angle(support full angle view)
F. Higher accuracy of screen touch 
G. Face recognition function, our screens are compatible with systems above X
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