Reasons And Solutions For The Battery Depletion Quickly After The Mobile Phone Is Fully Charged

2021-07-15 17:43:35 DEJI Battery 0

   What is the reason for the battery depletion quickly after the mobile phone is fully charged? If it is due to swelling on the battery, the mobile phone battery must be not far from the damage. If the charger is not compatible, you can find a match. Charger, but what other reasons will cause the phone’s power to drop suddenly?


   What happens when the battery runs out quickly after the phone is fully charged? How to fix the fault?


   We all know that the battery of a smartphone is not very easy to use, almost all of them can't last for a day. Sometimes it is even necessary to charge it two or three times a day. Such high-frequency charging makes us wonder if the phone is broken? Why is the battery of the phone so durable? Today, I will tell you why.


   1. Please choose the original charging plug!

If you use the iPhone’s plug to charge the iPad, you will find that it’s not generally slow! If you use a high-power plug to charge low power, the speed will be much faster! But it will cause a lot of damage to the phone’s battery. Please use the original charger when charging! This will not damage the phone battery.


  2, choose a suitable charging cable

The same applies to the charging cable. It is best to use the original charging cable, and also make a mark on several similar long charging cables to avoid confusion. When going out, everyone will choose the power bank, and like to take the one. If you go out with a relatively short line, if it is a charging line from a big-name manufacturer, it is okay, otherwise there will be a big safety risk!


   3. Please confirm the temperature when charging

  In a low-temperature environment, the low-temperature protection of the lithium battery promotes no chemical reaction of substances in the battery, so that it cannot be charged or the charging speed is slowed down. At high temperatures, the lithium battery will be unstable and even cause an explosion!


  4, the number of charging


   5. The first charging time should not be too long

  The first charge does not require anything to be fully charged for 12 hours. This is what old-style batteries need to do. The current batteries are basically lithium batteries or polymer lithium batteries. The first charge only needs to be charged as usual!


   6. Play while charging

   If conditions permit, it is best to turn off the battery while charging. This is the best maintenance for the battery. Playing with your mobile phone while charging it, in addition to harming the battery of the mobile phone, it is also harmful to the human body!


  7, overcharge

If you don’t unplug the power supply in time after charging, the battery will remain fully charged. Doing so will speed up the loss of the battery. Many people are used to charging at night before going to bed. If you use the original charging device, it will automatically stand by after being fully charged. At this time, the utility is the charger's electricity, and the battery will not be used. If it is not the original one, continuous charging will damage the battery!


   8. Do not wear a mobile phone case for charging

   In order to protect the mobile phones that we cannot do without, many people choose to wear a mobile phone cover! But everyone does not know that lithium batteries are very heat-resistant and generate heat when charging, so it is best to remove the mobile phone cover and recharge it.


   The above content is the reason for the battery depletion quickly after the mobile phone is fully charged and the method to fix it. If your mobile phone has not failed for a long time and is working well, the user can choose to set a deadline and let the mobile phone restart again before continuing to use it.