The IPhone Battery Is Useless For Too Long, And It Has Entered A Dormant State How To Activate

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Iphone battery drain and can not turn 

on the machine hibernation activation tutorial:
Unlimited DFU mode, you can press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time, about 1-2 minutes, until the screen appears white Apple can boot normally.

What should we do if the battery of the Apple mobile phone is too consumed to open and the machine cannot be charged?

iPhone after the battery does not charge can not turn on the machine, what is going on? In such a situation, we actually only need one step to operate, that is, to extend the charging time, wait for it for more than 10 minutes, because the power of Apple's mobile phone is less than 5% can not be turned on. Please wait patiently for 10 minutes, the iPhone should be ready to boot, if not, wait a few minutes, tap the key to open it.


iPhone restart tips:

1. Press the Home button and hold it for 6-8 seconds, and exit any program that can jam the iPhone.

2, try to long press the switch button, if you can restart, it is the best.

3. If that doesn't work, try pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake keys at the same time and hold on for about 10 seconds to force the shutdown.

4. If the above methods do not work, you can try to connect to the computer and use the "restart" function in third-party tools such as PP assistant and iTools.

The above is some solutions for the iPhone after the charge can not be turned on, if you encounter this situation, you can refer to this tutorial to try.

Apple mobile phone after charging, you can no longer turn on the machine, what to do?.

First, the general reasons why the iPhone can't turn on:

1, it may be because the iPhone is out of power, resulting in automatic shutdown.

2, it may be that the iPhone's battery is in poor contact or has been damaged so that the machine cannot be turned on.

3, it may also be that the iPhone motherboard hardware damage causes the machine to not turn on.


Second, the fault handling method:

1, when encountering iPhone suddenly black screen, crash, can not turn on the machine, there is no reaction, at this time you can try to power and the home screen Home button at the same time, keep it at more than 10 seconds. See if you can force a restart.

2, If the force restart is successful, you can then see an Iphone logo on the screen. After the restart is successful, it can be used normally.

3, of course, sometimes it may be because there is no power, resulting in automatic shutdown, no matter how to operate, can not turn on the machine, when encountering this situation, please first connect the iPhone to the power charger.

4, If it is automatically shut down because of no power, a battery icon will appear on the screen at this time.

5, in addition, the iPhone's battery should be charged to more than 5% to start normally, if the power is extremely low, please let it charge first, and then turn on.

6, If the above methods are ineffective, it may be Apple mobile phone hardware failure, it is recommended to send repairs to Apple authorized after-sales service stores for testing.


Iphone 6s no power and then charge for a long time can not be turned on, the battery is exhausted, automatically shut down, and then charged for a day can not be turned on, with iTunes to restore when Apple

You this is not the problem of the system, you use iTunes to restore what is the use of ah, this situation is due to the battery power over-discharge and lead to the battery lithium ion suspended state, so that the charging can not rush in, the solution: get the after-sales service point to replace the battery, if the machine is over-insured, you can go to the mobile phone repair point to activate the battery forced charging to activate lithium-ion,

M4, after the battery is exhausted, the charging can not turn on the machine. Dormant how to activate

Battery hibernation needs to be activated, the method is: continuous charging for 20-30 minutes, wait for the screen to light, the charging animation appears, the battery is activated, and the normal boot can be done after full charge.

If it still does not work, it is recommended to go to Apple after-sales repair, because it is useless for a long time, the battery may be damaged, which is a hardware problem, so it must be operated by professionals.

For Iphone mobile phone battery maintenance method:

1, charging on time, not the use of natural shutdown to charge the mobile phone, iPhone used lithium polymer battery, is not used to natural shutdown and recharge can protect the battery.

2, show 100% charging and then rush for an hour, lithium polymer battery charging is divided into two stages, the first stage of charging is 80%, about two hours can be completed, this stage belongs to the fast charging stage, the second stage continues to reduce the current to continue charging, until full charge.

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