Why Can't My Phone Battery Be Charged In

2021-08-02 15:42:15 DEJI Battery 0

If you are using a mobile phone battery that cannot be charged, there may be the following reasons:

1. Cannot charge when connected to the charger:

(1) It is recommended that you use the standard phone charger and charging cable for charging.
(2) If your mobile phone has not been used for a long time, or the mobile phone is not charged in time after the low battery is turned off, the battery may be over-discharged. It is recommended that you connect the charger and charge it for more than 30 minutes to see if the mobile phone responds.
(3) If your phone can be turned on, please confirm whether there is a bad contact or damage to the charging equipment
a. Please check the interface between the charging cable and the mobile phone, and whether the charging cable is fully inserted;
b. Please check whether the data cable, charger and socket are in poor contact, and it is recommended to re-plug;
c. Please check whether the connectors and jacks are clean. If dust is found, it is recommended to clean it with a soft brush, and then recharge to confirm;
d. Please check whether the data cable, charger and socket are damaged. If damaged, stop using it and replace it.
(4) It is recommended that you replace other chargers that can charge normally and try to charge. If the charger can be charged normally after replacing the charger, the charger and data cable may be faulty. If it cannot be charged, it may be a problem with the phone itself. It is recommended that you back up your data in advance and bring your mobile phone, charger, data cable, and purchase certificate to the nearby Huawei Customer Service Center for testing.

Why Can't My Phone Battery Be Charged In

2. Can't charge when connected to a computer USB:

Please confirm whether the indicator light of the mobile phone is on and whether the mobile phone prompts that the USB is connected. If not, please check whether the data cable is in poor contact or damaged. It is recommended to re-plug or replace the data cable.
If you are connected to a desktop computer, it is recommended to connect the data cable to the USB port on the back of the computer host before charging.
If you are connecting to a laptop computer, please use a data cable to connect the phone and the computer's USB interface. It is recommended not to use a USB extension cable. The external USB port may not have enough power.
If you change the data cable and try a different USB interface, but still can’t charge, it is recommended that you can use the original charger to charge the phone to determine whether the phone is abnormal. If the charger is charging normally, it may be that the USB interface of your computer is abnormal. We suggest you Contact computer after-sales solution.