After Replacing The Battery Of Iphone Mobile Phone, It Prompts "Unable To Verify That The Battery Is Genuine" Affects The Use

2021-11-11 15:26:16 DEJI Battery 0

A friend who has replaced the battery found that a prompt message appeared in his iPhone: Cannot verify that the iPhone battery is a genuine Apple battery. Health information for this battery is not available.

This prompt means that the battery used by the iPhone cannot be verified, and the battery health information is unavailable at this time. This message will appear in the newer models of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. In order to ensure the safety of batteries and devices, Apple added a battery verification mechanism after iOS 13.

In the latest version of the system, when the battery of the above models of iPhone is replaced, whether it is an official genuine battery or not, as long as the battery is replaced by an unofficial after-sales service, this prompt may appear. In other words, the battery can only be replaced through an Apple Store or an authorized repair point.

As long as the replacement battery can ensure its reliability, the normal use of other functions will not be affected after the prompt appears, but Apple will therefore refuse to guarantee the equipment. Although the production of batteries is relatively mature, and most third-party manufacturers can meet the standards, the use of uncertified batteries or unsafe installation methods may cause risks during the use or process of the iPhone, so be sure to replace the battery. pay attention.