How To Maintain IPhone 11 Battery

2021-11-11 16:29:04 DEJI Battery 0

  It has been more than two years since the iPhone 11 was released. During this period, some users who bought the iPhone 11 found that the battery capacity of their devices was only 97% and 98% after the device was not used. What is the reason? What is the maximum capacity of your battery?

  In fact, the battery capacity of each mobile phone will continue to decrease as the number of charging and discharging increases. Why do some people consume the same device very quickly, but some people rarely? This has a lot to do with our daily use of mobile phones. Let's take a look at how to use it to avoid premature consumption of mobile phone battery capacity!


1. Instant charging

Many users habitually wait until the battery icon turns red, or even turn off automatically before thinking of charging. Over time, the battery capacity deteriorates, causing the battery health to inevitably plummet. Then it is extremely important to grasp the correct timing of charging. Generally, we can consider charging when the battery has more than 20% remaining. Always keep the phone battery not in a serious state of power loss.


2. Eliminate long-term charging and playing with mobile phones

Many mobile users play games while charging while charging their phones. In this case, the heat generation of the battery will increase directly. Because the battery is slightly heated due to the energy storage during the charging process, and the heat is generated by the battery discharge when playing mobile phones or playing games, the two heats are superimposed, and the battery is aging in the long run. Of course, occasionally charging and discharging will not cause much damage to the battery. We must eliminate the long-term bad habit of playing mobile phones while charging.


3. Use the original or mif certified charger

The original iPhone 11 battery charger will not cause damage to the battery such as overcharging or overheating. In the case of damage or loss of the original charger, we can also purchase the original charger from Apple's official website, or purchase the charger with Apple's official mif certification from the e-commerce company.


4. Avoid overheating in the charging environment

The battery heats up when the iPhone 11 is charging. At this time, you should place the phone in a cool place to charge, and avoid charging it on a fabric sofa or quilt, otherwise the heat will not be dissipated and the high temperature will affect the battery life.


5. Turn on optimized battery charging

In Settings-Battery-Battery Health-turn on Optimize battery charging.