DEJI IPhone 12 Mini And 12 Pro Max Super High Capacity Battery Launched Now

2022-05-17 16:10:05 DEJI Battery 0

Happy 'Ultra-high capacity batteries Launch Day' 2022.

Today May 17th is our ultra-high capacity batteries Launch Day for the iPhone 12 Mini battery and iPhone 12 Pro Max battery, as champions of sustainability, we want to share why we are keen to do the thins of capacity upgrade.

This year's slogan is "Let's invest in our planet!" which we've been trying to do since our birth:

1. In the market where low-capacity battery products are generally born, as much as possible manufacturing ultra-high-capacity batteries to last mobile phones more battery life, greatly reduces the proportion of lithium-ion battery garbage pollution caused by replacing defective batteries;

2. The ultra-high-capacity battery greatly improves the number of charging and discharging, longer standby time for playing games or watching videos:

iPhone 12 Mini battery with ultra-high capacity, 283mAh higher than the original capacity;

iPhone 12 Pro Max battery with ultra-high capacity, 723mAh higher than the original capacity.

In line with two of the principles of the 4Rs(Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Regeneration), the reduction and recycling.

Not to brag, but our mission has a great responsibility: one Ultra-high capacity battery at a time to save the world!

What does DEJI do for the Earth in concrete terms? We give stronger life to iPhone batteries that would otherwise be thrown away or in your ashcan once low-capacity battery Cycles run out. In addition, the materials we use for our packaging are all recycled and recyclable.

Trying is believing! Our DEJI battery is always with real capacity, not the fake or poor quality, this runs counter to our responsibility.

How about you? What are you actively doing? Warmly welcome to try DEJI Ultra-high capacity batteries, With us, your business is safe, your batteries are safe, your money is safe.

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new" (Socrates)