How To Tell If Iphone Battery Is Swollen

2022-05-13 15:13:20 DEJI Battery 0

1. How To Tell If Your Battery Is Bulging

  You can detect if the battery is swollen by an external feeling, usually when the battery swells, it puts pressure on the front screen, causing the screen to appear white. In addition, the obvious separation between the body and the screen is also a sign of your battery bulge.

  To get a more accurate conclusion, use the special tool and continue to remove the back of the iPhone, then check if the battery is bulging. However, if you are inexperienced with this problem, you should not do this as it is very dangerous and there is a high risk of explosion. If you smell or touch the machine when it is suddenly hot, do not attempt to replace the battery.


2. What to do when the iPhone battery is bulging

Before beginning to repair and replace the high-capacity battery:

Let the iPhone battery charge as low as 0%, the battery no longer has the charge to minimize burning.

Keep the room ventilated to avoid suffocation by the toxic gas emitted from the battery.

Wear goggles to protect your eyes and gloves when handling to prevent battery chemicals from getting on your hands.

Prepare a sand bucket in case of fire:

Place the iPhone battery on a fireproof surface. In any case, you always have a bucket of sand in case the battery ignites for fire fighting. You can do this outdoors but in cool, dry conditions because if the lithium in the battery comes in contact with moisture it will interact with the water vapor and have an explosive reaction.


3. After removing the battery pack:

After removing the battery from the device, do not destroy it by throwing it into water or fire. It's best to pack it in a paper or plastic bag in the trash and send it to a recycling plant.

Having a new iPhone battery after completing the above steps, you need to consider the following to limit battery bulge.

1. Lower the phone battery and charging speed should also be slow.

2. Do not press the battery pack to charge continuously when not needed or do not charge even if the battery is not low.

3. Limit the dropped calls.

  Especially since most iPhone batteries and other phones on the market use lithium-ion compounds. This compound has many advantages, but its disadvantage is that all batteries wear out over time. When the old battery also means that the performance of the battery is significantly reduced to the point that it cannot store electricity, the risk of battery swelling is inevitable. So, replace the battery before it's too late and apply the above tips to find the quickest solution.