DEJI IphoneXS Replacement Mobile Phone Battery Detailed Video Tutorial

2021-03-17 14:59:02 DEJI Battery 0

1. If the battery swells, please stop the installation immediately.
2. Before installation, check whether the battery has any marks or small holes, if any, stop the installation immediately.
3. If the tweezers poke the battery, it will cause the battery to short-circuit and smoke. Please stop installing and remove the battery immediately!
4. If the battery falls to the ground or receives other impacts, the battery will also have the risk of short-circuit and smoke. Please stop installing the battery and take it out.
5. Please install the screws in the order of their original positions. There are different lengths of screws. If a long screw is used to lock the short screw hole, it will pierce the motherboard of the mobile phone and cause damage to the mobile phone.
6. Before installing the battery, please carefully check whether there are foreign objects (screws) under and around the battery. If so, please clean it out, otherwise there will be a risk of puncturing the battery, which will cause the battery to short-circuit and smoke.
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