The Five Common Problems With IPhone Batteries Replacement

2021-03-15 14:22:32 DEJI Battery 0

   In the process of replacing the iPhone battery, some problems may arise due to omissions in details, such as the automatic restart of the mobile phone and the heating of the battery. What should we do if we do not understand the mobile phone? The engineer below lists some common problems and solutions after iPhone battery replacement, which is very practical.

 Question 1: After the replacement, the phone automatically restarts and cannot be turned on

   This problem is usually caused by the failure of the . Disassemble and fasten the battery cable again, taking care not to install the wrong screws.

   In addition, if the mobile phone has been disassembled and repaired before, there may be a restart of the mobile phone caused by a loose hard disk, a virtual welding of the battery holder, etc. You can go to the repair shop to check it.

iphone Battery cable position

    Problem 2: After the replacement, the screen has streaks, blurred screens, insensitive touch screen, and screen failure.

    It is usually caused by the screen cable is not installed properly. Disassemble the screen again, buckle the screen cable, and be careful not to confuse the screws with the battery cable screws.

    In addition, static electricity during the installation process may cause screen problems. In this case, the iPhone will disappear after a few minutes.

iphone battery screen cable

    Question 3: Is the phone heating normal after replacement?

    This is a normal phenomenon, because the CPU of the mobile phone has to communicate with the chip in the battery just after the battery is replaced. The power consumption is relatively high, so there will be a little heat.


   Question 4: The iPhone6 battery level shows 1% all at once and 100% all at once; the battery has been stuck at 28%.

   This is also caused by the battery cable not being installed properly. Disassemble the phone again, buckle the battery cable, and be careful not to install the wrong screws.


  Question 5: After replacing the battery, power consumption is fast, and the power consumption drops by 20% in one hour.

   Because the battery will calibrate the battery when using the mobile phone’s CPU for the first time, it is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to fully use it for one cycle and then observe it. If the battery still consumes very fast, it means that the battery cable is not stuck properly. Follow the first question and reinstall battery cable again.