DEJI Uses Best Cells For Mobile Phone Batteries

2021-11-24 15:57:33 DEJI Battery 0

  As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone batteries with over 18 years experience, DEJI value the quality as the first task. So, for material choosing, we not only choose the original solutions, but also choose the full capacity cells from the famous cells suppliers.

DEJI Warehouse for Cells

(DEJI Warehouse for Cells)


  Before we go into the subject, please allow me a slight digression. So far, our DEJI has 2 factories, one is in Shenzhen city and the other one is in Dongguan city. In our Dongguan factory, we have a grading system to inspect the capacity of the cells. When we receive the batch of cells, we will put the cells into the grading system and checking the real capacity through many cycles. If any cell cannot reach the full capacity, we will pick out and return back to the cell suppliers. Therefore, all cells we use are guarantee full capacity.

DEJI Grading System in Dongguan Factory

(DEJI Grading System in Dongguan Factory)


  In addition, battery swollen is a great headache for most of our customers. To reduce the swell rate of the batteries, we have invested a positive press test machine last year to exclude the cells which has a hidden danger of swollen. Even a tiny pinhole can be picked out after the through our positive press test machine.

DEJI Positive Press Test Machine

(DEJI Positive Press Test Machine)

Samples of Cells With Hidden Danger After Test By Positive Press Machine

(Samples of Cells With Hidden Danger After Test By Positive Press Machine)


  DEJI always devote himself to provide our customers best quality mobile phone batteries. We have iphone batteries, samsung batteries, huawei batteries, xiaomi batteries and other brands available. Welcome to inquiry from us.