How To Change Battery And Make IPhone XS,XR,XS Max Battery Show 100% Health

2021-12-06 11:38:11 DEJI Battery 0

Good day, dear customers.
Recently, many customer ask me:
1.Do you have iPhone X all above model batteries without health waining messages? 
I need to know the type of IC,the type and condition of the battery, and make sure that it shows the health status of the battery.
2.For iPhone XR,Xs Max,Xs, iPhone 11 buyers do not get a battery health message after installing a third party replacement battery. Do you have the same issues with your batteries. If yes, how to get batteries health after installing a battery? 

Now let us introduce:
Except for changing the battery cell, the above X models,on the market cannot solve the problem of displaying service.
XS, XR, XS Max battery replacement method:
1. First use the QianLi tester,copy the data of the original PCB board to the storage data board of the tester
2. Cut off the original PCB board of the original mobile phone battery
3. Spot welding the original PCB board on the new battery cell. At this stage, the health of the old battery is still maintained.
4. Copy the previously copied data of the original PCB board from the QianLi tester back to the spot-welded cells
5. Use the QianLi test box to modify the full charge capacity to make the health level reach 100%. In addition, you can change Cycle Times to 0.
Note: The XS and XSmax models are connected by two batteries, so the operation is more complicated, so spot welding is not recommended.

11, 11 pro, 11 pro max and above batteries
Some of the spot welding is more complicated than the first three models
1. Use the potential tester to send the data of the original battery (market price 99 yuan).
2. Add the steps of XS, XR and XS Max above.
3. Buckle the sub-board on the phone.
4. Then buckle the battery to the sub-label that copied the original battery data.
For these models, each type of battery requires a sub-board, which is very high and not practical. Old customers can recommend it, but other customers do not recommend it.