DEJI's Battery Newly Developed GM8 And Redmi 4A Mobile Phone Batteries

2021-05-27 17:22:02 DEJI Battery 0

Good News!

DEJI factory has developed new model batteries and they are published today:

Xiaomi 9Tpro/K20PRO, original model BP41, capacity 3900/4000mAh

Redmi 4A , original model BN30, capacity 3030/3120mAh

GM8, original model G005, capacity 3075/3005mAh  (GM8 battery is for Turkey mobile phone: General Mobile)

Redmi 4A Phone Battery

GM8 Phone Battery

DEJI factory has a strong R&D team over 20 people, boss is the leader, he cares about the latest mobile phones in the market, and he arranges engineers to develop the batteries, do many tests and trial production before we sales introduce the new models to customers, that is to say, we’ll make sure the quality first before sales. We always put quality at the first place, please don’t worry about our battery quality.

DEJI factory develops new model batteries every month, we’ll keep customers noted immediately once the new model batteries are publiced. Let’s expect more DEJI new batteries, welcome to try DEJI new batteries~