DEJI’s Staff Uses DEJI Super High Capacity IphoneX Battery

2021-03-24 09:48:01 DEJI Battery 0

   Hi, everyone, I am an experienced sales in DEJI battery factory. I have been working in DEJI for more than 8 years. The reason why I stay here so long time is DEJI batteries have super high quality and low defect rate, my customers all trust DEJI batteries, order a lot batteries and give very high comments. This couraged me to sell more DEJI batteries to other customers who haven’t tried DEJI batteries yet, I hope they can also use safe and reliable batteries.


    Back to the story, last Thursday I replaced my iPhone X with DEJI 3210mAh super high capacity battery.

   My last mobile phone was Huawei. Now it’s iPhone X which has been used for 3 years and 2 months. Before installation, its capacity has only 75% left, it showed “Service”. Since last month, it dropped fast after a full charge, I could only play with it for 2 to 5 hours. This was really frustrating when I went outside. I had to take a power bank, cable, and wall charger every time when I went outside. This was very inconvenient. So I decided to replace a new battery--our own DEJI battery.

   All my colleagues who use iPhone installed DEJI batteries if their original batteries can't use long time, they all have very good feedback on our own DEJI battery, and our customers all give good comments. So I also definitely would use DEJI battery for my own iPhone X.

   My engineer helped me replace the battery.

  Here I show you some pictures of the installation process.

  1.Use screwdrivers to open the bottom screws.


  2.Use the triangle chip to loose the screen edge

  3.Use the suction cup to open the screen


 4.Open the screen, make the screen stands on the right (not top, bottom nor left). Open the screws of screen and battery, take the screen away.

  5.Slowly take the battery sticker under battery.

 6.If the sticker was broken, spray out the battery slowly.

 7.Clean the remaining battery sticker and waterproof tape


 8.Put the waterproof sticker on the shell edge, and make it sticked well by pressing it with a tool, then tear off the blue film.

 9.Put the screen on the right again, and lock the screws of screen, connect battery with iPhone, start up iPhone, and test if it can work normaly or not. If yes, close the iPhone and take battery out.


 10.Stick battery sticker on battery, tear off the film, connect the battery cable with iPhone connector, then stick the battery bottom in iPhone, lock the screws of the metal cover.


11.The last step, close the screws on the bottom, then the installation finished.

  I took a picture of my iPhone in front of our DEJI reception desk. You can see the battery health is 100%. I was very pleased and expected a good performance from the battery.

  After replacing DEJI 3210mAh super high capacity battery, several days passed, my iPhone X seems to be infused with fresh blood. Like an old man, he becomes a young man. It can use longer time than it when I just bought it. I love it so much!!!

  As a DEJI staff, this is my personal experience of installing DEJI high capcaity battery. Not only iPhone X high capacity, we have high capacity batteries for all models from iPhone 4 to iPhone XSmax, they have highest capacity in the market.

  What are you waiting for? Just try DEJI battery now! We are always here waiting for you :-)