Do I need to perform additional maintenance on the phone battery

2021-02-24 18:37:37 DEJI Battery 0

  At present, smart phones in my country and the world are developing at a high speed, but there are many problems that follow. Mobile games, social networking and camera functions are becoming more and more advanced. It is also difficult for mobile phones to meet the daily charging needs. In addition to choosing a mobile phone with a long battery life, it is also essential to develop good habits.

  As long as my mobile phone has electricity and data, my loneliness cannot catch up with me!

  If the battery power of the mobile phone is less than 80%, panic and anxiety will begin to appear, which is the root of the "low battery phobia". If the phone is dead, it's the same as a brick. Of course, the difference still exists. Bricks can also be used to build houses. Although this is a joke, it can also be seen that everyone's dependence on mobile phones is gradually increasing.

  Do you need to perform additional maintenance on the battery?

  Answer this question in one sentence: As a consumer, if you don't care about the aging effect of the mobile phone battery, please use it at any time without maintenance.

  First of all, smartphones and batteries are both designed, produced and used as consumables. As consumers, we only need to use it, and battery life should be maintained by the mobile phone manufacturer or battery manufacturer.

  In addition, as the development of today's mobile phones is getting faster and faster, perhaps the old device has been replaced by a new device before the battery is completely scrapped, so there is no need to replace the battery. Finally, in any case, the battery is indeed scrapped, and replacement of the battery does not seem to be a very high price.
But for some minority groups with special needs, mobile phone batteries still require additional maintenance.

  In fact, it is difficult for manufacturers to say that there are too many factors that affect the battery life of mobile phones. The battery life problem of the mobile phone should not only be attributed to the new system of the mobile phone, "bad" charging habits will also affect the battery life, which in turn affects the use of the mobile phone, and even causes damage. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when using mobile phones:

  Use poor quality charging cables and chargers

  Sometimes the original data cable is accidentally broken or lost, but the original data cable is too expensive, so many small partners will buy some third-party data cables for use. However, when you buy these data cables, you will even buy them at roadside stalls, so this three-no product may affect your battery.

  In addition, the three-cell power bank will also affect your battery. If the mobile power bank's battery is unstable and the charging current is unstable, it is easy to cause a safety accident.

  Charging in high temperature, low temperature or humid environment

  Stay away from high and low temperature environments, but now many mobile phones have dust and water resistance levels, but after the mobile phone comes into contact with liquids, be sure to keep the ports dry before charging to avoid short circuits. In addition, in order to avoid accidents, the mobile phone should be placed away from flammable and explosive materials when charging. After all, some mobile phones are prone to heat or even overheat during charging.


  Try not to use your phone while charging

  The editor believes that everyone in the room should meet the standards. If the phone is powered off, it continues to charge, but during the charging process, the charging current is usually higher than the current that the phone can provide. Therefore, the charging power consumption is actually consumed in this process. It is not on the battery, so it will definitely reduce the charging efficiency of the phone and extend the charging time. Therefore, if you want to play with your phone while charging, you must choose wireless charging.

  If the phone is used for a long time during the charging process, it is more likely to generate heat, which can easily damage the phone. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not play games, watch videos, take photos or make calls while your phone is charging. If you cannot control it, do not charge it.

  Charge frequently, and then charge again

  Frequent charging can easily extend battery life and even reduce battery activity, which can lead to problems such as shortened battery life. In order to reduce the number of charging, many small partners usually choose to consume the battery before charging. In fact, this will also damage battery life. Therefore, the editor's suggestion is to charge the battery in time when the battery power is below 10%.

  Now, the circuits and chargers in mobile phones are equipped with protection mechanisms, which usually turn off the power automatically when fully charged, so I usually charge them all night, then unplug the power plug and leave the next day. I believe most of you like this right.

  But in fact, if the phone is still connected to the Internet during the charging process, and functions such as message push are turned on, after the phone is completely turned off, a new round of power consumption will start, and the phone battery may enter frequently The charge and discharge cycle, which affects battery life.