How About An External Replaceable Battery For Your IPhone

2022-02-28 16:49:32 DEJI Battery 0

 Insufficient battery life is a constant problem for many heavy iPhone users, and of course, this problem has existed since smartphones started adopting non-removable battery designs. In the absence of breakthroughs in battery technology, mobile power has become the best solution to this problem.

How About An External Replaceable Battery For Your IPhone

In fact, not everyone is willing to carry a mobile power supply with them. Portable power banks can easily run out of power, while large-capacity power banks are often bulky. This experience is far less than direct battery replacement.

However, Deji battery accessories allow iPhone users to re-experience the convenience of changing batteries in their smartphones. Users only need to stick the Deji power bank on the back of the iPhone and connect them through the Lightning port, and the former can provide battery life for the latter.

In essence, the Deji power bank can achieve longer battery life by leaning on the iPhone.