How To Choose A Good iPhone Battery Manufacturer

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Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan. After that, you have to change the battery or your phone. The same goes for iPhone batteries. However, there are many third-party iPhone battery manufacturers other than Apple. So, how to choose a good iPhone battery manufacturer?

It would be best if you found manufacturers who produce high-quality lithium-ion batteries. A good iPhone battery manufacturer will give warranties or guarantees for the battery. The battery will provide backup time close to the genuine one. It should come with IC protection to extend the life cycle of the battery. You also need to check if your iPhone has any warnings regarding compatibility.

If possible, buy the battery from physical shops to check for yourself. Otherwise, you may get cheated by a fake company. So, learn the techniques to identify a good manufacturer.


Choosing a Good iPhone Battery Manufacturer

So many manufacturers provide iPhone battery replacements. So, how will you choose the good one among them? Well, we will show you how:

Look For Battery Warnings

Typically, when a replacement battery isn't compatible with a particular iPhone, it gives several warnings. You can see the compatibility in the settings.

A good quality battery never gives such notices. Therefore, you can rest assured that it's a battery from a good manufacturer and buy that one.

Claim Warranty & Guarantees

A replacement battery always comes with six months to one year of warranty or another replacement guarantee. But if the manufacturing company is cheap, they don't provide such service.

So, you should avoid buying those batteries, even if you get one with half of the original price!

Notice the Charge Backup

Even if your battery has a warranty or guarantee, you should check out the battery backup first after plugging in. That's because sometimes a simple defect can reduce the battery backup, and the company may not take it in return as there's no physical damage.

Therefore, check the charging and discharging rates a couple of times to ensure the quality. If possible, take a replacement guarantee for a few days.

Buy From Physical Shop

Nowadays, all kinds of shopping are happening online. So, if you have the tools to open the phone, you may think of buying a battery and replacing it at home. Why bother to go to a shop, right?

But nothing's better than checking out the product by yourself while buying it. You can discuss the warranties and other queries regarding the battery. On top of that, you can check the charging and discharging rate at the shop within a few minutes.

It's tough to rely upon suppliers that don't have any physical shops. All the renowned manufacturing companies have suppliers and physical shops.  

Check Factory Seals and Sign

A good iPhone battery has company signs and seals with the packaging. On the other hand, a cheap manufacturer doesn't put too much sweat in packaging or sealing.

They will just provide an average pack with the battery in it. But an established company seals the battery correctly. They also print all the warning signs and other necessary seals on the package.

Verify IC Protection

Most cheap companies don't mention their protection technologies like IC protections or NTC protections. Therefore, it's pretty dangerous to use those batteries. That's because they can't withstand any overvoltage or short circuits.

Even your iPhone may get damaged because of the battery. The latest NTC PCB protects from overcharging or over-discharging. So, if there's no NTC protection on your battery, it will be dangerous to leave your iPhone unattended while charging.

So, you should check the protection information and confirm it with the company or the retailer.

Be Aware Of Fake iPhone Batteries

All the batteries from smartphones have a specific lifespan, and after that time, you need to replace them. However, it's pretty hard to find iPhone battery replacements compared to androids.

Most of the time, the replacement batteries prove to be fake and hamper your iPhone. The cheap ones are not designed rigorously or tested correctly to maintain the quality. So, if you use those batteries, you won't get enough backup from them. In the worst-case scenario, your battery may explode.

That's why you should buy your iPhone batteries from reliable manufacturers. Or else, you will face several hassles.


Consider DEJI Batteries

Among all the battery manufacturers, DEJI is a renowned company that provides good quality batteries. They also accept the feedback from the customers and try to stand by the reviews as much as possible.

Features of DEJI Batteries

  1. The DEJI batteries are high capacity and give you standard talk time and standby time.
  2. It has dual IC protection to extend the battery lifespan and ensure safety.
  3. All the iPhone replacement batteries come with a one-year warranty.
  4. Use environmentally friendly materials for less contamination compared to others.

How To Choose A Good iPhone Battery Manufacturer

Advantages of DEJI Batteries

DEJI will provide the best quality batteries as replacements. Their strict QC and QA system ensures the repair rate stays under 1% to 2%.

As the company has its own factory to manufacture and controls the quality properly, they efficiently manage the price within the customer's range. They also have excellent after-sales service.

The latest NTC PCB and IC offer protection from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, and short circuits. Their battery goes through several smash tests, drop tests, and puncture tests. Therefore, it is pretty durable.

And the latest lithium-ion technology ensures no fire or explosion. It will take 4 to 5 hours to charge with a universal charger and same time with a travel charger.


Bottom Line

Batteries don't have an outstanding lifespan. Their lifespan can be affected by several reasons. And even if there's no damage, you have to change the battery after some years because of the short lifetime. So, how can you be assured the replacement battery is good or close enough to the genuine one?

Hopefully, our discussion on how to choose a good iPhone battery manufacturer has covered all the points regarding the answer. We recommend using DEJI batteries for your iPhone because of their excellent quality and protective technologies.