How Do I Maximize MY IPhone Battery Life

2022-06-24 11:10:15 DEJI Battery 0

When we use iPhone, we often encounter that the phone is often out of power. We have tried many ways to set the power saving, but the power is still consumed very quickly. Next, I will explain to you how to maximize the saving of iPhone battery. of electricity


1. Adjust the background app refresh settings

Most apps on your phone connect to some kind of server somewhere to send and receive data.

But do you really need that crossword app to check for new puzzles every hour? Every small ping in every app affects battery life. The Background App Refresh setting allows you to choose which apps can connect when you're not actively using them, and which ones can't. To access it, go into the settings menu, then General, then Background App Refresh.


Now, from here, you can turn off refresh entirely, or choose the apps you'd like to allow refreshing in the background. You might want to let some apps keep doing their thing (e.g. email), but the fewer updates you make, the better your battery life will be


2. Use Dark Mode

Dark Mode is probably one of the biggest battery savers on this list because it uses energy to brighten the screen every time your phone has to display something white or other light color.


With Dark Mode, much of the user interface of iOS itself and compatible apps will utilize power-hungry dark tones that don't require as much power from the screen. It might take a little getting used to at first - and then again, many people prefer it for purely aesthetic reasons. You can enable dark mode under settings, then under display and brightness. Just select it to use it all the time, or you can toggle the "Automatic" setting to turn on dark mode at certain times of the day


3. Minimize auto-lock time

The longer the screen is off, the less battery it uses, so consider forcing the screen off as soon as possible.

To do this, adjust the auto-lock setting by going into settings, then display and brightness, then auto-lock, or set it to 30 seconds if it isn't already.

It also helps to get into the habit of pressing the big button on the right side of the phone immediately after using it. This will put your phone to sleep immediately instead of waiting for the auto-lock feature to kick in.


4. Enable Low Power Mode

If you're really stuck, go into settings, then battery, then turn on low power mode.


This is not the way of everyday life as it saves energy by reducing data connections and interface details. However, if your battery is dead and you're waiting for an important call or text, it works well in a pinch.


5. Review your battery life recommendations

Once you've set up all the power saving improvements, be sure to check out the suggestions in the Settings > Battery menu.