Will IPhone Battery Drain After Updating Ios16 System

2022-06-25 14:17:05 DEJI Battery 0

At the just-concluded WWDC 2022 Global Developers Conference, iOS 16 officially debuted. At present, Apple has released the developer preview beta version, and many users have upgraded to the new iOS 16 system.

I believe that many people want to know how the battery life of the iPhone has changed after the iPhone has been upgraded to ios16.


As far as the current experience is concerned, many fruit fans have already reported that the new iOS16 system will inexplicably heat up, the battery will drain quickly, and occasionally freeze; more careful bloggers have found that the battery health of the iPhone 13 Pro has dropped instantly after upgrading to iOS 16. 3%; some netizens said that in the power saving mode, the battery dropped from 20% to less than 10% in less than ten minutes, and it was usually used quickly.


In general: iOS 16 consumes power, iOS 16 has poor battery life, and iOS 16 is still seriously hot... Really Barbie Q!


The current iOS 16 is the first beta version, and some bugs are normal. Let's see if it will get better in a few days.


For users who want to try it now, remember to complete the backup before upgrading. After encountering a vicious bug, the basic functions will be unavailable.


For regular users, waiting for the stable version update is the best option.