How To Add Low Power Mode On Iphone

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How To Turn On Low Power Mode

To turn on low power mode, follow these steps. When the feature is enabled, the battery icon in the upper right corner of the phone's screen will turn yellow.You can also read Why is my iphone battery icon yellow

How To Add Low Power Mode On Iphone

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap Battery > Low Power Mode.

3. Toggle the switch to the "On" position.

Once you no longer want your iPhone to be in low power mode, go back to the same position and toggle the switch to "off"


How To Add Low Power Mode To IPhone's Control Center

Low-power mode extends the life of your iphone's battery, so it's "a feature you might want to use frequently," our engineers say. By adding it to the iPhone's Control Center, it's easier to access Low Power Mode in the future.

How To Add Low Power Mode On Iphone

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click Control Center.

3. Scroll down to the More Controls menu.

4. Tap the green "+" icon next to Low Power Mode.


Is Low Power Mode Bad For Your IPhone?

While using this feature won't hurt your iPhone, "you may miss some features that are turned off in low power mode," our engineers say, and your iPhone will almost never upload new photos to iCloud Photos or connect to Fast 5G signal. He recommends permanently disabling 5G, tweaking app background refresh settings, or using an external battery to extend your phone's battery life. And, if your phone's battery drains quickly, you might feel guilty about these ways of shortening your phone's life entirely


Can You Keep Your Phone In Low Power Mode All The T ime?

You can keep your iPhone in low power mode all the time, but experts don't recommend it. First, our engineers said it was inconvenient to turn off certain features like 5G and iCloud Photos. "It's also impossible to put the iPhone 'permanently' into low power mode," he said. "When your iPhone is charged to 80%, your iPhone will automatically exit Low Power Mode.