How To Check The Battery Status Of HUAWEI Phone

2022-08-18 14:45:27 DEJI Battery 0

You will now learn how to check HUAWEI battery status? To that end, first, we'll quickly see why knowing the location of the battery is absolutely essential. Then, perform various tests to understand the health of your HUAWEI battery. First a visual test followed by two internal tests.

Why is it important to check HUAWEI battery health?

So, we start our tutorial by understanding the importance of HUAWEI battery status. As we briefly told you in the introduction, the main problem you can have with your phone is that the battery is letting you down...whoever said the battery was dead said the phone was unusable!

How To Check The Battery Status Of HUAWEI Phone

However, before replacing it, you must make sure it is in bad condition. Sometimes just because of too intensive usage, we have the wrong charger for battery problems on your HUAWEI phone. To make sure your battery isn't really showing signs of weakness, perform the following tests.


How to test the health of the HUAWEI battery?

Visually check the HUAWEI battery status

We now proceed with various tests to know the status of your HUAWEI battery. We start with a simple visual test. Batteries are made of chemicals and metals, sometimes it happens, if you expose your phone to excessive heat, if you put your phone in direct sunlight, if you charge it for too long, the battery will deform...


Unfortunately, this visual test is increasingly difficult to perform because the vast majority of phones are now sealed and the case cannot be quickly removed. If this is possible on your HUAWEI phone version, check the shape of the battery and look for rust or irregularities, which indicate battery damage and need to be replaced quickly, otherwise there is a risk of explosion or fire.


Check HUAWEI battery status via secret menu

Take the second test of your HUAWEI's battery! There is a secret menu that few people know how to use. It's useful when you want to access or test different+ components or features of your phone. In our case, it allows you to view 3 data: battery level, battery health, and voltage of the latter. to get there:


Open Apps » Phone » About Your HUAWEI Phone

Register *#*#*#*#4636

In the menu that appears, go to »Battery Information »

Check the number indicated in Category » Battery Level, it must be greater than 80 or it will announce that your battery is starting to get tired

Finally, compare the value in »Battery Voltage" with the value on the box of the HUAWEI phone. If it is lower, it also means the battery is exhausted