How To Check Xiaomi Battery Health

2022-08-18 17:36:00 DEJI Battery 0

When you use a Xiaomi phone for a long time, you may notice battery performance degrades over time. However, battery health cannot be checked on Android devices. This is slightly different from Xiaomi phones. You can check the health of the battery from a special menu using a special code included in the MIUI software.

How To Check Xiaomi Battery Health

What you're trying to do is not complicated at all. Enter the *#*#6485#*#* code on the dial interface to check the battery consumption and health status, and whether you need to choose to replace the battery.


There are two important values ​​here. MF_05 and MF_06 values.


MF_05: Current (actual) battery capacity

MF_06: Factory battery capacity


For example, in the photo below, 3400000 is written in the MF_06 section. This equates to 3400 mAh. The actual value is only 2603 mAh. So how do we calculate the percentage life of the battery? This problem can be solved with very simple math: MF_05 ÷ MF_06 × 100.


If we calculate the percentage life of the battery in the photo: we get the result 2603000 / 3400000 x 100 = 76%. When the battery health percentage is below 80%, it is recommended to replace the battery for better charge life.