Mobile Phone Battery Capacity Rankings Announced: Apple Is The Last One

2021-09-11 18:22:59 DEJI Battery 0

Batteries can be said to be the lifeblood of mobile phones, and many people pay much attention to battery capacity when buying mobile phones. Although the battery life of a mobile phone is related to screen specifications, system optimization, component manufacturing, and usage habits in addition to battery capacity, mobile phones with large batteries can always give consumers a psychological "sense of security."
  Just make a ranking based on battery capacity and see which number your mobile phone is in. Note that the battery capacity values ​​of the models in the following rankings are all real standards. Virtual standard battery products such as 20000mAh marquee knockoffs are not within the scope of this discussion.


iPhone 7 Battery | 7 Plus Battery-3000mAh class and below
Due to the differences in system mechanisms between iOS and Android, the battery capacity of iPhone is always much lower than that of Android. Take last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as examples. The capacities of the two are 1960mAh and 2910mAh respectively, and the values ​​are not outstanding. But the actual experience is not so bad, one charge a day is completely enough.


Samsung S8 Battery | Note 8 | Mi 6-3000mAh class
The 3000-4000mAh range should be the mainstream level of the battery capacity of the current Android flagship machine. Because Android flagship phones mostly use low-power components, this capacity battery can not only ensure the lightness of the body to the greatest extent, but also ensure that the battery life of the mobile phone will not die. For example, Samsung S8, Note 8, LG V30, Xiaomi 6, OnePlus 5, etc. are all located in this range.


OPPO R11 Plus Battery | Huawei Mate9 Battery-4000mAh class
4000mAh large batteries are generally good for two types of mobile phones: one is flagship phones with larger screen sizes or higher resolutions, such as the 5.7-inch OPPO R11 Plus, the 5.9-inch Huawei Mate 9, and the 6.4-inch Mi MIX. Large screens consume more electricity. The second is a thousand yuan phone that focuses on battery life, such as Redmi Note 4X with 4100mAh, Charm Blue Note 5 with 4000mAh, 360N5 with 4000mAh, etc. These products are often not so harsh in terms of feel and appearance.


ASUS Pegasus 3s | Mi Max 2 | Gionee M6-5000mAh class
If 4000mAh batteries are already more common in thousands of yuan phones, then 5000mAh batteries should be more eye-catching. ASUS has two large battery product lines, Pegasus and Dianshen. For example, Pegasus 3s and Dianshen 5000 are equipped with 5000mAh batteries. Mi Max 2 has a built-in 5300mAh battery, 360N4s provides a 5000mAh battery, and the Gionee M6, which has always been the main battery life, also has a 5000mAh battery.


AGM X2 | Gionee M6 Plus-6000mAh class
6000mAh battery mobile phones are very rare on the market at present, mainly used by some super battery life mobile phones or outdoor mobile phones with three defenses. For example, the AGM X2 standard version of Wolf Warrior 2 provides a 6000mAh battery; while the Gionee M6 Plus has a larger screen compared to the M6, and the power is also upgraded to 6020mAh.