One Min take you to understand what is DEJI phone battery wholesale manufacturer

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A. What is DEJI Battery?

DEJI brand has been registered in 2009, and has become a well-known brand for more than 12 years. DEJI brand products have applied for patents, which are patented products.


DEJI Online sales Agents:

E-bay UK, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon Britain, Amazon France, Amazon Spain.


In 2020, DEJI brand battery sales rank the second on US Amazon(Conclusions drawn from big data analysis on Amazon platform), degree of hot sales is traceable.


Deji battery has become a frequent visitor on Amazon search

Good comment from Amazon Buyer

DEJI Battery-9.8 Score on Amazon

Battery Health-Maximum Capacity: 100%(5 starts review from buyer)

Not only the American Amazon, but also the sales performance of the DEJI battery in the other countries mentioned above are also excellent.


DEJI Online & Offline sales Agents:

Turkey, Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia.


Except for the countries mentioned above that cannot sell DEJI brand batteries online and offline, other countries can all sell DEJI brand batteries. We warmly welcome you connect about DEJI exclusive agency matters at any time.


B. Why DEJI Battery can bring you stable clients?

1. About iPhone battery, our company has applied for PCB board and other performance patents; mobile power and wireless charging, both have applied for appearance patents.


  1. DEJI brand products always use the best materials (cells and PCBA solutions) and guarantee the best quality.


  1. Our DEJI batteries have passed CE,FCC,ROHS and other certifications of SGS,MSDS,UN38.3,and also passed TUV US certification of UL2054 test standard.Our factory has passed ISO9001 quality management system.We have also obtained Japanese PSE certification,South Korean KC certification,and Saudi Arabia's CB + IECEE certification; Thailand TIS etc.
  2. Below are the good comments from some of our customers:

  1. How to become DEJI sole agent?

You can try to sell our DEJI brand products first, and test the quality of our DEJI brand products, so that you know the quality of our DEJI products. After you try to sell our DEJI brand products, you will know that our DEJI brand products are in your local area.


Whether the market is popular. To become our exclusive agent, we need your cooperation to provide some of your company's business information, please contact our sales staff, our sales staff will send us our exclusive agency request to you.

Good quality & favorable price is the culture of our factory. Welcome you visit us at any time. DEJI team is at your disposal.