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The IPhone Function Tells You When To Replace The IPhone Battery

2021-07-05 15:14:14 DEJI Battery 0

The iPhone has always been ahead of Android in the unique optimization of the iOS system, bringing a large number of loyal fans to Apple. However, the battery life of the iPhone has always been a flaw, especially after the new system upgrade, some old models need three times a day to complete. So when does Apple need to replace the battery?

The iPhone function tells you when to replace the iPhone battery
As early as the official version of iOS 11.3, Apple added a new battery health function, so that users can determine the battery life of the phone and whether it needs to be replaced. So, what is the maximum capacity and peak performance capacity of the battery health function? The maximum capacity is easy to understand, but it is actually the current loss of the battery. If it is 100%, it means that the battery has not been lost; if it is 98%, it means that the battery has lost 2%.

The iPhone function tells you when to replace the iPhone battery
The peak performance capacity is the key to determining whether the mobile phone will reduce the frequency. When the maximum capacity of a general battery is 70-100%, the condition of the battery is sufficient to support normal peak performance. If the maximum capacity of the battery is less than 70%, it means that the phone needs to be replaced.

The iPhone function tells you when to replace the iPhone battery
So, how to improve the service life of the battery during daily use? First of all, don't wait until the phone's battery is less than 20%, or even automatically shut down before charging. Second, using the original charger to charge is not only effective but also safe. Finally, stay away from high temperature, humidity, and magnetic environments. These environments not only consume fast power, but also easily damage the mobile phone motherboard and shorten the life of the mobile phone.