What Is The Comparison Of IPhone14 And IPhone13 Battery Life

2022-11-18 17:30:32 DEJI Battery 0

Will iPhone14 be more power -on than iPhone13?

The battery life of the iPhone 14 is one of the most important information that potential buyers need to know before buying the Apple new flagship mobile phone series. The emergency help signal sent by the satellite is cool, but what is the battery life?

We recently announced the results of the battery operation time of the iPhone 14 Pro. Compared with the iPhone 13 Pro, its battery life has dropped two hours. oops! Does the entry -level iPhone 14 be the same? A little, but fortunately, it was almost so disastrous.


iPhone14 and iPhone13 battery life


Battery life

iPhone 14

9 hours and 1 minute

iPhone 13

9 hours and 40 minutes


The iPhone 14 is equipped with a 3,279 MAH battery, which is higher than the 3,240 MAH battery of the iPhone 13. Although the battery is larger, when we test its power efficiency, it is difficult for iPhone 14 to surpass its predecessor.

According to the Laptop MAG battery test, the iPhone 14 lasted for 9 hours and 1 minute on average. The test involved the mobile phone with 150 Nit's brightness on the honeycomb network. We conducted four tests on iPhone 14 and got this result. In the same test, iPhone 13 lasted 9 hours and 40 minutes.


The difference between the running time of the 39 -minute battery between iPhone 14 and its predecessor is not as serious as the iPhone 14 Pro, but for those who seek upgrading the iPhone 14, this may be closed. The 39 -minute decrease in battery life may be too sacrificed for some people. Crash detection, emergency satellites of SOS, action mode and upgraded TrueDepth camera are cool, but you must ask yourself whether they are sufficient to cover up the energy efficiency of iPhone 14.