What Should I Do If The Cannot Verify That The Battery Is Genuine Appears When I Replace The Battery On The IPhone11

2021-12-20 16:48:54 DEJI Battery 0

  Some friends who use iPhone 11 battery found that "Important battery information: Cannot verify that this iPhone battery is a genuine Apple battery. The health information of this battery is not available" appears in their device (as shown below).

iphone 11 battery
If you see this message, it means that the battery in your iPhone could not be verified and the reported battery health information is not available. The reason for this problem may be that the installed battery is not a brand new genuine product. This message will appear in the newer models of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. This is a battery verification mechanism added by Apple to ensure the safety of batteries and equipment. If you see this message, there are several situations as follows:

1. The battery of this device has been replaced and may not be a brand new genuine product.
2. The iPhone battery has been replaced, regardless of whether it is an official genuine battery, as long as the battery is replaced by an unofficial after-sales service, this prompt may appear.
3. The device has been taken apart.
If you encounter such a situation, the device was purchased through Apple's official channels, you can contact Apple Support to repair or return your device. If the purchase is made through a third-party channel, it is recommended to apply for a return as soon as possible to avoid problems in subsequent use.