Where Can I Buy Original Logo iPhone Parts in Bulk?

2023-06-08 10:45:28 DEJI Battery 0

There is no doubt that Apple iPhones are some of the most popular mobile devices on the international market today. The demand continues to rise, and small ecommerce or shop owners are constantly on the lookout for original logo parts to use. However, sourcing bulk iPhone batteries, screen glass, and other parts can present quite a challenge.

The aftermarket cellphone battery and parts market is full of counterfeits especially when it comes to a popular brand like Apple. Avoid sourcing from companies that offer these and make sure to do your homework to find only reputable suppliers. Fake parts are both illegal and unreliable.


Who Needs High-Quality iPhone Replacement Parts?

As a phone repair technician, refurbishment specialist, or similar company representative, the last thing you want to do is destroy your customers’ trust in you. This is what makes buying original logo iPhone parts in bulk such an important part of your business model. However, there are other options to get high-quality mobile batteries for less.

Read on to understand your options and find the best suppliers for mobile batteries and more. Although Apple blocks bulk sales to just anyone, there are excellent options for your business.


Who Can Supply Original Apple Parts?

The Apple corporation protects their products and intellectual property very carefully. They do not allow just any retailer or individual to sell aftermarket iPhone parts, batteries, or branded accessories. They have a list of official Apple part approved suppliers on their website.



Consumers generally can only purchase small quantities of logo batteries and other parts from retail stores directly. Apple itself has agreements with their approved suppliers that they cannot sell to consumers. As a business representative, you have other limited options.

An important consideration to take into account from the start is why you want logo parts and how many you need for your purposes. Creating an inventory to sell them directly to consumers is not the best idea since you would have to compete with well-established Apple stores and online platforms. Most bulk buyers offer repairs or refurbishments using their own skills and effort.


Can I Buy in Bulk from Apple Original Parts Suppliers?

No. Unless you have a specific agreement with Apple itself, you cannot simply buy large quantities of original and genuine parts from one of these suppliers. They are mostly manufacturers or similar companies that work in the industry to benefit the brand directly.

Apple itself does not offer wholesale lots for sale. You also cannot buy them from authorized resellers in bulk. The only option most people have is to purchase multiple mobile batteries, screens, or other parts directly from an Apple store or online at their official website.

This guarantees that you are getting genuine components that are compatible with your device model. When your iPhone needs repair or replacement parts, it's crucial to choose high-quality original parts that will ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Can I Get Original Apple Logo Parts From Other Places?

Many third-party repair shops and online retailers now sell authentic and original Apple parts. However, it is crucial to ensure that the seller you are buying from is trustworthy and reliable. Reputable repair stores will only use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts approved by Apple.

That is the best option for individual consumers looking for a few parts to repair or upgrade their own phone. For companies interested in buying in bulk or at lower wholesale prices, it simply does not work to wait for a sale and hope they have many in stock.

There are two other options for buying iPhone parts in bulk:
1. You can buy them from an old mobile battery supplier that collects parts from old or damaged iPhones and mobile devices.
2. look for batteries with the original Logo in the black market, which is not only illegal, but the iPhone batteries you are looking for are likely to be counterfeit and inferior.
Needless to say, the first option is much better, but it should be noted that used cell phone parts don't last very long. Most consumers prefer to buy brand new iPhone parts.


Why Should I Avoid Counterfeit Apple Parts

The main reasons to stay far away from counterfeit cellphone batteries and other parts relate to the law and safety. It is illegal to manufacture, purchase, and use products that violate a company’s intellectual property ownership. Apple owns the rights to the phones and tablets they create as well as all related parts.

Safety matters even more for end users. First of all, a fake battery can severely damage the iPhone or other mobile device. In many cases, there are no quality control checks because the unscrupulous company simply wants to create as many as possible in the shortest time.

Also, a poorly made counterfeit can overheat, block certain functions on the device, and even create dangerous situations in use. There are stories of batteries catching fire or exploding and causing physical injuries to someone just trying to use their phone.


Find Third-Party Suppliers for Original iPhone Parts

Refurbished Apple iPhone batteries are an option. Another great solution is to purchase replacement parts that do not carry the official logo from a reputable manufacturer and distributor. These third-party suppliers can replace original iPhone parts with exceptional alternatives.

Finding the right one takes some research. Choose a brand with a strong reputation and high ratings from former customers. Look for one that has been in business for a while and demonstrates clear knowledge of their business. Deji Battery, founded in 2006, is an exceptional option for you.

Once you explore all the options for buying original iPhone parts in bulk, you will understand the best path forward. Buying mobile phone batteries directly from the manufacturer makes sense for many reasons. Get better bulk prices, careful quality control, and an established brand standing behind every product they ship.

Deji Battery offers a wide range of aftermarket mobile device and cellphone batteries, charging equipment, and more. Businesses around the world can buy in bulk direct from a trusted source. Explore our online options or contact us today to learn more about how our team can satisfy your needs for iPhone and other parts.