Why is my Iphone battery suddenly draining so fast? How to solve or avoid it?

2023-06-05 10:43:15 DEJI Battery 0

If your iPhone loses power quickly or even shuts down suddenly during use, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. The battery is aging: If your iPhone has been used for more than one and a half years, the health value of the battery will be lower and lower, and the aging speed will be accelerated. The battery health value depends on your usual usage habits. You can check on the iphone's settings-battery-health to view the battery health value.

Solution: If the health value of the battery is lower than 80%, it is recommended that you replace the battery with a new one. There are many ways to avoid rapid battery loss, such as avoiding playing while charging, and avoiding frequent use while low-battery. Don't use to 0% then recharge, and recharge at any time when charging conditions are available. It is best to maintain the power within the range of 25% to 70%.


2. Battery failure: Watch carefully is there any signs of battery swelling. For example, is the screen partially discolored? Or is the screen tilt up on one side?
Solution: If there is any sign of failure, please contact a professional to replace the battery as soon as possible, otherwise the battery maybe burn!


3. Poor network signal: Whenever you are in an area with poor network signal coverage, your iPhone will consume more power to search for a farther network signal, so the battery will be consumed faster.
Solution: If you are not in a hurry to use your mobile phone, you can set the iPhone to the airplane mode, and then turn cellular data on when there is signal coverage.


4.Leakage of the main board of the mobile phone: when our mobile phone is running some simple programs, the iPhone heat up severely, even when it is not in use, it also automatically heat up, and the power consumption of the mobile phone is very fast. 
Solution: If you encounter this situation, go to the repair shop as soon as possible to check whether the main board is leaking.


5. The temperature of the external environment is too low: mobile phones do not like low temperature environments, which is also a common problem of cellphones. Low temperature will slow down the chemical reaction speed of lithium batteries, making the discharge current smaller or unable to discharge,  the use time of mobile phones will be shortened. It may happen that the battery protection board will automatically shut down the phone in order to protect the circuit, and there will be a power draining when the phone is restarted.


Solution: In fact, this situation is just an illusion of fast power consumption of the mobile phone. When the temperature returns to the normal working temperature of the battery, its performance will also return to normal. Apple officially mentioned that the best working environment for Apple devices is between 16°C and 22°C, avoid being outside for a long time, and give the machine a little warmth. Don't play with your phone in the sun in summer. If the temperature is too high, it will damage the battery faster if the temperature is higher than 40°C.


6. Too many background applications: The mobile phone has turn on the functions such as WiFi search, mobile data, Bluetooth connection, location information, etc., or there are other app running automatically in the background, which will also affect the power consumption. The GPS positioning service of the mobile phone consumes a lot of power. Remember to turn off this function to reduce power consumption when not using the navigation map

Solution: Open Settings - Privacy - Location Services, and check the list of apps that use location permissions. You can turn off apps that don't use location unnecessarily to reduce battery drain on your phone.


7. Too many desktop widgets: desktop widgets will add more extra power consumption.
Solution: If your battery life becomes poor, it is recommended not to use too many widgets.


8. The iPhone is a second-hand or not original: the second-hand iPhone only guarantees the appearance, quality and complete functions. The battery maybe have been cycled many times, or The quality of the battery used is not very good, and the capacity is falsely marked, which makes the battery seem to be fully charged, but the actual power is very little, so it feels that the power consumption is very fast.
So a good quality battery is especially important for the iPhone.

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