Who Are the Best iPhone Battery Manufacturers in China in 2023?

2023-08-29 16:48:05 DEJI Battery 0

A little over a decade ago, Apple catapulted to global fame on the wings of its stellar product - the iPhone. Nowadays, Apple's annual product launches have turned into global spectacles, drawing widespread attention. The massive success of Apple has not only enriched its component suppliers but has also given rise to numerous high-quality third-party accessory manufacturers. And today, our focus is on the realm of iPhone battery manufacturers.

The best Iphone battery manufacturer in China in 2023

Almost all of the iPhone's original batteries are made in China, but interestingly enough, there are now some third-party manufacturers that produce batteries that are fully comparable in quality to the original. I'll go into more detail about these manufacturers below: Desay, Deji, Simplo Technology, and Sunwoda.


Desay is a battery manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, with a focus on research, development, and sales of various battery types including mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries, primary lithium batteries, zinc-air batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer batteries, fuel cells, and other battery-related materials, accessories, and equipment.

In 2012, Desay Battery initiated its involvement as a supplier for Apple mobile phones, progressively expanding its role to also serve as a battery supplier for Apple's smartwatches and notebooks.

Desay Battery's financial report highlights its core business, centered around the production of single-string battery packs. These battery packs are predominantly employed in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and wearable technologies. Notably, the batteries manufactured by Desai currently dominate the landscape of Apple's product offerings, underscoring the extensive integration of Desay's products within Apple's electronic ecosystem.




DEJI Battery, headquartered in Shenzhen and registered as Shenzhen Huida Fa Technology in China, operates with a subsidiary factory in Dongguan, boasting a 17-year history in mobile battery manufacturing. The company's primary focus lies in the production of mobile batteries compatible with iPhones, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei devices. DEJI prides itself on adhering to original quality standards during its manufacturing processes, positioning it as one of the leading third-party manufacturers of replacement iPhone batteries.

For those seeking to engage in wholesale iPhone battery procurement, the availability of brand-new original batteries through legitimate channels can be limited. This often necessitates considering alternatives like the black market or potentially exploring second-hand imitation products. This prevailing situation is what drives many brands and distributors to consider DEJI as a reliable option.


Simplo Technology

Simplo Technology, headquartered in Taiwan with a manufacturing facility located in Changshu, plays a crucial role in the production of iPhone batteries. The company's involvement in the iPhone battery supply chain dates back to 2012. Notably, Simplo Technology's manufacturing facility in Changshu, China, is responsible for the production of these batteries.

Simplo Technology's significance within the iPhone battery supply chain grew substantially before the launch of the iPhone 6. The company successfully navigated the challenges of manufacturing ultra-thin pouch batteries, a crucial requirement for the iPhone's design at that time. This accomplishment translated into an increased number of orders from Apple. While both Samsung and LG had previously been suppliers of batteries for iPhones, their batteries failed to meet the production standards necessary for the iPhone 6, resulting in their replacement by Desay and Simplo Technology.


Sunwoda is a battery manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. The company's entry into the Apple industry chain was initiated in 2011 through a collaboration with ATL, a prominent manufacturer of lithium battery cells. In April of the same year, Sunwoda underwent its initial public offering. However, in 2012, Desai Battery supplanted Sunwoda as the Apple mobile phone battery supplier, leading to Sunwoda's exit from this role. Subsequently, Sunwoda transitioned to providing batteries for China's Xiaomi Company, supporting various Xiaomi products including laptops, sweeping robots, and drones. In 2014, Sunwoda re-entered Apple's supply chain, this time primarily focusing on supplying batteries for iPhones.

Historically, a significant proportion of iPhone 8 and iPhone X series models were equipped with batteries sourced from Shenzhen Sunwoda and Saide, while a smaller fraction utilized batteries produced by Simplo. These batteries underwent rigorous testing and certification by Apple, and they successfully met the stringent quality standards established by the company.