Why Is The High-Capacity Battery Of DEJI IPhone So Good?

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Nice to see you here. Our factory is Shenzhen Huidafa Technology CO.,Ltd whose Brand is DEJI. 
Nowadays, iphone high capacity batteries are more and more popular. Most of our customers only need our high capacity batteries because of our highest quality. High capacity batteries have longer standby time which give users a better experience.

Why is the high-capacity battery of Deji iPhone so good? Let me introduce to you.

We have manufactured battery for over 16 years . Our boss is professional engineer who is really strict with our quality.

All the material (PCB and battery cell) are 100% tested before producing . We use higher capacity brand battery cell , American TI design original IC and the stable and good quality special PCB which is designed by our boss and our professional engineers. All the semi finished and the finished are 100% tested, through 3 parts strict testing and make sure 100% good quality before delivery.

We have advanced technical equipment like Laser Spot Welding , Semi-automatic equipment and ect, which greatly improve the efficiency and production of the factory . By the way, we have a new DEJI industrial park in Dongguan, which will also improve the production and will delivery in time.

Why Is The High-Capacity Battery Of DEJI IPhone So Good

Why Is The High-Capacity Battery Of DEJI IPhone So Good

This is our professional battery divider cabinet. We will age and classify each battery cell. We strictly select batteries to ensure that the capacity of the battery cell reaches our required capacity.

This is our QC working line. We have 20 QC workers who will test the Semi-finished and finished batteries one by one.

This is our laboratory. We will test the performance of all aspects of the battery to ensure our quality

Our factory strictly controls every process of the battery, and strictly selects the materials, so that’s why our high capacity batteries always so good. And our customers will also bring more customers to themselves because of high-quality batteries.

Our team of engineers is constantly developing higher capacity batteries. The pace of research and development has been uninterrupted. We will always provide our customers with higher capacity and quality batteries

Welcome you to join us. Let’s do win-win cooperation.