Best Way To Take Care Of Your Iphone Battery

2022-07-13 17:59:19 DEJI Battery 0

Teach you how to maintain the iphone battery, the mobile phone has a battery, and the battery life is limited. When we use mobile phones, we should learn how to store and discard batteries, which is both environmentally friendly and safe. Whether you're saving money by extending battery life or keeping the environment from polluting toxic chemicals, you need to know the best way to store and end your phone's battery. Here are some ways to maintain your iPhone battery for your reference.

Best Way To Take Care Of Your Iphone Battery

1. Keep the battery and phone at room temperature

When you use your phone, your phone gets warm. When the phones are idle, you should keep them at room temperature, about 72 degrees Fahrenheit (about 22 degrees Celsius). When the phone is in a high temperature state for a long time, the battery will be discarded prematurely. If your phone has spare batteries, keep them in a cool, dry place, preferably a basement, but can also be placed in a drawer, but not in a hot car or attic.


2. Extend the battery life of your phone

Whether you prefer expensive phones or cheap prepaid phones, you should learn to extend battery life. Many experts recommend charging when the battery is extremely low. When charging the battery at the same time, fully charge the battery. By paying more attention to how your phone is used, you can also extend battery life. You can turn off your phone when you're not in the service area, as your phone uses a lot of power while searching for a signal. Also, don't tuck your phone into the bottom of a bag or bag, it's hard to find a signal, which means your phone will use more power for it.


3. Turn off the phone

When you don't need to use your phone, you can turn off your phone, which will significantly extend the life of your phone's battery. Consider how to use this method more often. Some people temporarily turn off their phones in movie theaters, concert halls, or other places where they don't want to be interrupted by calls. You can also choose to turn off your phone every night. But when you only have one phone, it may affect your use. If you have a home phone, turn off the phone and give the battery a break. Note: Turning off your phone means turning it off. That doesn't mean putting your phone on silent, airplane, or sleep mode, but shutting it down completely.


4. Turn off unnecessary reminders

Does your phone need an audible reminder every time you touch a button? You know, that cute reminder wastes battery. If the phone has a lot of these unnecessary reminders turned on, the power consumption of these reminders will eventually have a big impact on battery life. Likewise, when you don't need to use these reminder apps, you can choose to turn them off. You probably don't need the Facebook app to be online all the time, and you can turn it off to save battery when you're not using it. In the end, you'll find that your phone has more power and longer battery life, which will save you money.


5. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth connections

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will make mobile phone use more convenient. Unless you're constantly using your phone for business, you don't need WiFi and Bluetooth to be connected all the time. By turning these features off when you don't need to use them, you'll save a lot of power. You don't need to be constantly connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you can sometimes turn it off to keep your phone's battery running longer.