Will Using PD Fast Charge Affect IPhone Battery Life

2022-07-13 15:21:24 DEJI Battery 0

A customer told me that if I use a fast charger to charge the Iphone battery, will it harm the battery, so what is the fact? Next, let our Deji battery engineer explain

Will Using PD Fast Charge Affect IPhone Battery Life

The iPhone battery uses lithium-ion technology. The working principle of the lithium-ion battery is that the lithium ion Li+ moves between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. During the charging and discharging process, the Li+ of the positive electrode is dissociated to the negative electrode through the electrolyte, and is embedded in the carbon structure of the negative electrode. The more Li+ is embedded, the greater the battery capacity. The discharge process is reversed, and the negative electrode Li+ returns to the positive electrode through the electrolyte. Overcharging and discharging will cause permanent damage to the positive and negative electrodes. Overdischarge leads to the collapse of the negative electrode carbon sheet structure, and the collapse will prevent lithium ions from being inserted during the charging process; overcharge causes too many lithium ions to intercalate into the negative electrode carbon structure, and some of the lithium ions can no longer be released.

It can be seen from the working principle that the main factors affecting the battery life of the iPhone are the use environment and method of use:

1. The use of iPhone at high temperature will cause the internal polarization reaction of the battery, resulting in a permanent attenuation of the battery capacity.

2. The iPhone is over-discharged, which leads to damage to the carbon structure of the negative electrode, and the inability to embed sufficient lithium ions causes the battery capacity to decrease. That is to say, continuing to use the iPhone when the battery is low, especially when it is automatically turned off, will shorten the battery life.

Returning to the Apple PD fast charge itself, there is no over-discharge during the charging process, and the possible influencing factor is the charging temperature.

The iPhone PD fast charge adopts the 18W 9v2a protocol. Compared with the standard 5v1a protocol, the voltage and current have increased, and the faster chemical reaction will cause the battery to heat up. In this regard, we refer to Apple's official instructions: the suitable temperature for the iPhone battery to work is 0°-35°. The author uses the GreenLink PD charging kit to quickly charge the iPhone xs. The measured temperature is stable at 30.5°, which is within the normal range.

To sum up, PD fast charging itself will not affect the battery life of the iPhone. What has an impact is personal usage habits and usage environment, such as charging the iPhone only after the battery is automatically shut down, and the overheating of the mobile phone caused by playing the King of Chicken for a long time, which will significantly speed up the loss of the battery and reduce the maximum capacity of the battery. It should be noted that all rechargeable batteries are consumables with limited lifespan, and their capacity will gradually decrease during normal use.