Fully Crush The Mobile Phone Battery Market! IPhone Battery Life Weakness Is Resolved

2021-09-22 16:54:59 DEJI Battery 0

The iPhone battery capacity has been criticized for a long time, and charging once a day is the norm for many users. Now, this problem is finally expected to be resolved. Recently, a report from the supply chain indicated that Apple will increase the use of a technology cited in the company’s patent last month. In the case of increasing the battery size (capacity) installed in iPhone and other devices.


Foreign media DigiTimes reported today that Apple’s future iPhone, iPad, and MacBook series chips will become thinner and lighter, with higher performance, while reserving space for devices with larger capacity batteries. However, affected by the global epidemic situation, large-scale applications of this technology may not be realized until at least 2023.


The DigiTimes report is not groundless, because Apple also stated in a patent issued in June this year that the new patent will allow more technology to be layered into the chip in a more effective way, thereby making the chip slimmer. In one implementation case, Apple showed that its interposer chiplets can include passive plug-ins such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, and so on.


 We know that the battery capacity of the iPhone has always been much smaller than the battery capacity of the same level of Android phones, and the charging speed is slow, and the price of replacing an original battery is also ridiculously expensive. This is also a few of the iPhone batteries that have been criticized by users. reason.


Although Apple has always emphasized that the battery life of the iPhone is closely related to the coordination and optimization of system operating procedures, this statement seems more self-justified and cannot be convinced by consumers. This time, if Apple wants to fundamentally reverse the situation, it must come up with a substantial solution (even if it is just an increase in battery capacity)