What Is The Difference Between Original Iphone Batteries And Third-Party Batteries

2021-09-24 11:49:34 DEJI Battery 0

 The battery life of the mobile phone has been used for a long time, and battery life will inevitably cause problems. In this case, replacing the battery of the device has become a better choice. So, should I choose to go to an authorized after-sales outlet to replace the official original battery? Or replace a third-party battery with a larger capacity? What's the difference?


1.Original Iphone battery

What Is The Difference Between Original Iphone Batteries And Third-Party Batteries

The quality of the original Iphone battery cell has a slow decay and a long life, but the disadvantage is that the battery capacity is small and the replacement price is expensive.


Under normal circumstances, when the device is still within the one-year warranty period, when the device is used for nearly one year, the battery capacity will drop to about 80% of the maximum capacity, and problems such as insufficient battery life may occur. At this time, you can go to the Apple Store or Apple The authorized after-sales service outlets can replace the battery free of charge.


2.Third-party large-capacity Iphone battery


The technological content of the battery is not high, and the capacity and durability mainly depend on the battery cell. For iPhones that have exceeded the warranty period, replacing a third-party battery is a relatively more affordable and economical way.


The price is relatively cheaper than the replacement battery price of Apple's official original battery accessories, but there are many third-party large-capacity battery manufacturers, and the quality is uneven. Although the user experience may not be much different from the original battery, the quality assurance and other accessories are compatible. It is definitely not as good as the original battery.