How To Make Your IPad Battery More Durable

2021-10-23 18:11:23 DEJI Battery 0

iPad battery life will gradually decay as it is used. Proper maintenance, adjustment of system settings and good usage habits can significantly extend battery life.

1. Upgrade to the latest software
   Please always ensure that the iPad enjoys the latest software. Apple engineers may have developed new methods to optimize battery performance. Use the latest version of iTunes to check the update items, you can upgrade your iPad to the latest software.

How To Make Your IPad Battery More Durable

2. Reduce the use of location services
   Location-enabled applications (such as maps) will shorten the battery life. Go to "Settings"> "General"> "Privacy" to set, or use location services only when needed.


3. Turn off push notifications
   Some apps from the App Store use Apple's push notification service to be notified of new data. These applications that rely extensively on push notifications (such as instant messaging, etc.) may affect battery life. Go to "Settings"> "Notifications", and then turn off notifications. 


4. Reduce the frequency of acquiring new data
  Some applications (such as Mail) can be set to obtain data at specific time intervals. The higher the frequency of data acquisition, the faster the power consumption. Go to "Settings"> "Email/Address Book/Calendar"> "Get New Data" and set it to manual. To increase the acquisition interval, tap "Hourly".


5. Turn off push mail
   If you use a push mail account such as Yahoo! or Gmail, please turn off push mail when you don’t need it. Go to "Settings"> "Email/Address Book/Calendar"> "Get New Data", and then turn off "Push".


6. Reduce the number of automatically checked mail accounts  
Avoiding receiving too many letters from your e-mail account can help you save power. This can be achieved by deactivating or deleting the email account. To close an account, go to "Settings"> "Email/Contacts/Calendar", select an email account, and then close it. To delete an account, tap Delete account.


7. Reduce the use of third-party applications
   Excessive use of some games that prevent the screen from dimming or closing, or using applications such as location services (such as navigation) will shorten the battery life.


8. Turn off Bluetooth
   If you rarely use a Bluetooth headset or car kit, you can turn it off to save power.


9. Turn off wireless local area network (WiFi)
   If you rarely use wireless LAN, you can turn it off to save power. However, if you have a cellular version of the iPad, and use it to browse the web, compared with a 4G network, using a WiFi network can extend the battery life.


10. Use airplane mode when the signal is poor
   Since the iPad will always try to stay connected to the Internet, it will consume more power in areas with poor signal or no signal coverage. When the network is not required, turning on the airplane mode can extend the battery life.


11. Turn off the equalizer
  Applying equalizer settings while playing songs will reduce battery life. Note: If you add the equalizer directly to the song in iTunes, you must set the equalizer to "Flat" on the iPad to achieve the effect of turning off the equalizer. Go to "Settings"> "iPod"> "Equalizer" and set the equalizer to off.


12. Turn off 4G/5G
   When you are not within the range of a WiFi network connection, using a 4G network allows you to keep in touch with the outside world, but it also shortens the battery life, especially in areas with limited 4G coverage. To turn off 4G, select "Settings"> "General"> "Network" on the main screen, and then set 4G to off.


13. Turn down the screen brightness
   Dimming the screen brightness is another way to extend battery life. Turning on "Automatic brightness adjustment" allows the screen brightness to be adjusted with the brightness of the on-site environment. Go to "Settings"> "Brightness and Wallpaper" and turn on automatic brightness.

14. Turn off background application refresh
   If "Background application refresh" is turned on, it will automatically connect to the network or use location services in the background, which consumes a lot of power. Turning off the background application refresh will help iPad save power. Go to "Settings"> "General"> "Background Application Refresh", and then turn off the background application refresh function.


15. In iOS7, if the photo stream of iCloud is turned on, when the device is connected to the wireless network, it will automatically upload the photos in the camera roll of the current device to iCloud, which will cause the consumption of power. If you don’t want to back up photos, you can turn off this feature to save more power. Go to iPad "Settings"> "Photos and Cameras", and then turn off the "My Photo Stream" function.


16. Lock your iPad
  It is obvious that you should lock the iPad when not in use to save power. To lock the iPad, tap the sleep/wake button. You can also set the time interval for automatic lock. Go to "Settings"> "General"> "Auto Lock" and set a shorter time interval.