These Rumors About IPhone Batteries Are Unbelievable

2021-10-19 10:45:06 DEJI Battery 0

   If you want to select a few issues that iPhone users are most concerned about, things like power saving, battery life, and battery life can definitely be among the best. There are endless talks about caring for iPhone batteries on the Internet, but do you know that many of them are rumors and misconceptions. These statements are not only useless for maintaining the battery, some are even harmful to the iPhone’s battery. So, today I will summarize the most common rumors about iPhone batteries. Let’s take a look.

These Rumors About IPhone Batteries Are Unbelievable

    Rumor 1: The newly purchased iPhone needs to be fully charged and discharged three times

    This kind of rumor claims that the newly purchased iPhone must be fully charged and discharged to activate the battery, otherwise it will affect the battery life.

    In fact, this claim is unfounded, especially when all smart phones currently use lithium batteries. The electrode passivation of the lithium battery will gradually disappear with continuous use, and there is no need to continuously charge and discharge the battery for the first time.


    Rumor 2: Using iPhone while charging is dangerous

    Thanks to the news of the explosion of iPhone charging, this rumor spread widely. There are various sayings that you can’t use the iPhone when charging, you can’t use the iPhone to make calls, and so on, and there are even saying that the radiation intensity of the iPhone is greater when it is charging.

    This rumor is even more nonsense. Most iPhone explosions are due to the use of third-party counterfeit chargers that have not passed Apple's certification, and it has nothing to do with whether the iPhone is used during charging. In addition, there is no evidence that the iPhone is more capable of radiation when charging.


    Rumor 3: iPhone is fully charged and immediately unplug

    This rumor states that the charger should be unplugged immediately after the iPhone is fully charged, otherwise it will be harmful to the battery and may even cause an explosion.

    If it’s really like this rumor, we don’t need to do anything else after the iPhone starts charging. Just sit next to the iPhone and watch it charging. Unplug the charger when it reaches 100% power... iPhone has Overcharge protection circuit, so even if the battery is full, there is no problem even if you continue to connect the charger.


   Rumor 4: In order to protect the iPhone battery, it is best to fully charge and discharge

   This rumor actually originated from the concept of the nickel-cadmium battery era.

   If the lithium battery consumes excessively frequently, it is harmful to the battery. Therefore, the correct charging concept should be to charge as you use it, don't wait until the iPhone is exhausted and automatically shut down before charging.