How To Determine Which Apps Are Consuming IPhone Battery

2021-08-24 18:14:21 DEJI Battery 0

  How to determine which iPhone applications are consuming the device’s mobile phone battery? When you find that the mobile phone’s battery is not durable, it is likely that individual applications consume abnormally power. Today, the DEJI battery manufacturer will introduce how to check that mobile phone application’s battery power consumption is abnormal. .


iPhone XR


1. Go to the iPhone homepage and find the settings


2. Pull down to find the battery in the settings and click to enter


3. Enter the battery interface, the system starts to count the power consumption


4. The statistics are completed, the percentage of power consumption can be seen below


5. Below is a list of all power-consuming apps and power-consuming apps. Click to display activities, as shown in the figure below

How To Determine Which Apps Are Consuming IPhone Battery

6. This is to see the foreground and background time of the app. If an app consumes power in the background for a long time, it will be a problem.


7. For abnormal apps, we can turn off the app's background refresh permission