The Solution To The Sudden Shutdown Of Mobile Phone Battery At 20%

2021-08-19 18:40:27 DEJI Battery 0

he following provides a solution for Android mobile phone with 20% or more power display but suddenly insufficient power shutdown 


Android phones have many advantages, such as large screen, a variety of software applications and high-speed Internet access, but Android phones generally have a short standby time. What are the battery calibration methods? Introduction to mobile phone battery calibration method. Now many smart phone batteries are not enough, so battery durable mobile phones have become the goal of everyone. However, for friends who have bought mobile phones, what are the methods of battery correction? It used to take a few days to fully charge, but now it may not take a day. This paper mainly aims at the problem of reducing the battery life caused by brushing. If your mobile phone has brushed, you can adopt the following methods according to different situations, which are absolutely effective. The results surprise you: 

The Solution To The Sudden Shutdown Of Mobile Phone Battery At 20%


Battery calibration: no rooted android phone
1. Turn on the mobile phone and connect the phone charger to maintain the charging state. 
2. Unplug the charger after the charging display light of the mobile phone turns green. 
3. Turn off the phone, then connect the charger and continue charging until the display light turns green. 
4. Unplug the charger and turn on the mobile phone. At this time, it can be used normally. 

1. Keep the mobile phone powered on and connect the charger for charging (USB and cable charging are both acceptable). 
2. When the mobile phone led turns green, the battery is full. Unplug the mobile phone from the charger. 
3. Turn off the mobile phone, connect the charger for charging, and let the mobile phone recharge until the LED light turns green again. 
4. Unplug the mobile phone charger. 
5. Turn on the mobile phone, and wait until the mobile phone is powered on and fully enters the system, Quickly shut down 
6. Connect the charger to the closed mobile phone again and wait for a few minutes. The LED light will turn green again. 
7. Unplug the mobile phone from the charger and start it for normal use

1. Turn off the mobile phone and connect the charger until the phone battery is full. It is recommended to charge continuously for several hours or overnight to ensure the maximum power. Remember not to turn on the phone until the battery is fully charged.
 2. After fully charged, turn on the mobile phone without turning on the charger. 
3. After the mobile phone enters the system, open re file manager or other similar tools to delete / data / system / batterystats.bin This file.  
4. Then unplug the power and use the mobile phone normally until it turns off automatically. At this time, although the mobile phone shuts down automatically, there is still a small amount of power in the battery. Wait for one to two minutes before the mobile phone starts up again and use up the remaining power until it shuts down automatically again. 5. Then, in the off state, the mobile phone can be used normally when it is fully charged again.